Favorite selections from the Haun family papers…

jh_bk1_008_March 5 1853 - March 6 1853_smMarch 1853
James Haun describes the passage from New York to California.
jh_bk1_015_June 23 1853 - June 26 1853_sm
June 1853

James and John Haun arrive in Plumas county and begin searching for gold.
jh_bk1_085_August 28 1854 - August 31 1854_smAugust 1854
James Haun describes life in Nelson Creek, including mining, politics, and violence against the Chinese residents.
033_Martha Haun to James Haun-e1411327658469_smDecember 22 1854
Martha Haun writes to her husband from the home of a relative in Iowa.
jh_bk2_037_August 9 1855 - August 11 1855_sm
August 1855
James Haun argues with another group of miners over water rights.
037_Martha to James undated pg 4_sm
A letter from Martha to John Haun, discussing the couple’s future plans, closed with a kiss.
jh_bk1_129_February 25 1855 - February 28 1855_smFebruary 1855
James Haun argues with a former partner and describes the activities of the Vigilance Committee in Nelson Point.
jh_bk2_067_December 9 1855 - December 13 1855_sm
December 1855
On the journey from Kentucky, Martha Haun and Lizzie were snowed up for three weeks at the Buckeye House in La Porte.
JJH_153_March 6 1856 - March 9 1856_sm
March 1856
John Haun discusses a fire at the cabin and the purchase of American Ranch.
jh_bk2_102_May 19 1856 - May 23 1856_sm
May 1856
A water rights suit is settled.
jh_bk3_069_September 9 1857 - September 13 1857_sm
September 1857
James Haun records his niece Lizzie’s elopement.
siii_030_August 26 1863 pg 1_smAugust 26 1863
John Haun writes to his sweetheart of the campaign in Tennessee, life as a POW, and mutual friends.
siii_008_September 8 1863 pg 1-e1411942580238_sm
September 8 1863
John Haun describes Camp Chase prison.
siii_020a_April 12 1864 envelope-e1411931479408_sm
April 12 1864
Mollie Burns writes to her sweetheart John at Camp Chase.
siii_048_May 19 1856 pg 2 - 3_sm
May 19 1865
Mollie writes to John of her travels, and the sites she has seen.
siii_062_August 28 1867 pg 4-e1411933909799_sm
August 28 1867
A letter from Martha Haun to her son John, calling him home from Georgetown to Plumas county.