John Haun Diary, July 1854

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Saturday 1 – Still in Joe’s Ravine. All hands took out 38$. Nothing else today.

Sunday 2 – Stayed about the cabin all day. The rest of the company went to the Point. Our diggings are reported to be very good. Sold some bacon and flour to the company near the saw mill. Shaw is talking about selling out his interest to Hawkins. Nothing more today.

Monday 3 – Lloyd and I sunk a hole across the foot of the big ravine carried the boxes over but did not set them. Hawkins and his company came up to try and buy Shaw out but don’t know how he will succeed. Shaw went to the Point after super for the purpose of selling out, I suppose. The sheriff came up to notify Pa to appear before court to answer as defendant against Dr. Vaughn for the sum of 100$. Nothing else today.

Tuesday 4 – Done no work today. All of us went to the Point except Lloyd. A big celebration was held at Independence Bar with several orations and a ball at night. They started after dinner for the bar. Also the Russian army accompanied by a brass band. All of the ladies from American Valley and vicinity were there. Had a settlement with Vaughn for some work I done for him last summer. I saw our old claims we first worked in. Walked on Sherwin’s flume nearly all of the way to the biggest day that ever was seen on Nelson Creek. We came back in time for supper.

Wednesday 5 – Nothing particularly new today. Worked near the foot of the big ravine. Lloyd and I washed in the evening but made nothing. The rest of the company took out one ounce yesterday and today. About the warmest weather we have had this summer. Pa and Shaw went to the Point after supper, there being a ball at Roots and Lewis1.

Thursday 6 – Clear but very warm today. Worked in the big ravine with Lloyd and made nothing. As usual, a great many men around prospecting. Went after work for milk.

Friday 7 – Nothing new today. Made about $2. Lynch came over about noon and stayed  all night looking around for diggings. He sold out at H hill for $400 and is now prospecting.

Saturday 8 – Lloyd and myself worked in the big ravine on the forenoon and made nothing. The sheriff came up after Pa to attend court at the Point. Lloyd and myself went after dinner. They had a trial and the judge went against us $80 cost. Lloyd got drunk as usual. We are all in a hell of an uproar. Pa in a hell of a stew. Nothing else today, but bad feeling all day. Shaw sick today.

Sunday 9 – Pa and myself started for American Valley after breakfast and arrived there about 9 o’clock. Went to get a lawyer to attend to his case, employed a man by the name of Cox. Heard a Methodist preacher for a short time at Elizabethtown. Took dinner at Bradley and started home. Arrived at the Willow Ranch before sunset a good while. Shaw still sick and found Lloyd drunk asleep. Lloyd brought me a letter from the Point from home dated May 26 18542.

Monday 10 – Went to the Point with Pa and Lloyd to get our picks so as to go to work. Came back about noon and went to work in the evening in the big ravine. Pa went to Onion Valley to see about the suit. I got to thinking about home and the changes that have taken place in one year. Nothing else new today.

Tuesday 11 – Lloyd and myself still in the same place; set boxes in the forenoon and went to washing. Three of us took out $44. Pa putting in new bottoms in boxes. Warm today, but not as warm as yesterday. No more.

Wednesday 12 – Nothing particularly new today. Lloyd and myself still at work in the same place. Took out about $8. Nothing else today.

Thursday 13 – Worked all day. Notwithstanding, I felt very badly from a severe cold. Lloyd renewed his notice after dark. Nothing else new today.

Friday 14 – Nothing particularly new today. Worked alone today. Lloyd having a sore finger a raising on it. Made nothing today. Nothing else new today.

Saturday 15 – Worked alone in the forenoon, cut a ditch. Worked with Shaw in the evening and took out $30. Lloyd did not work and Pa, being sick again. Got wet again, of course.

Sunday 16 – A beautiful day. We went over to the diggings after breakfast. Shaw and myself to clean up the boxes and got about $7. Stayed about the cabin nearly all day. Shaw took some picks to get sharpened. Pa and Lloyd both sick. Lloyd and I went to the ranch about sunset. Nothing new today.

Monday 17 – Nothing new today, more than usual. I worked with Shaw above in the ravine, Pa being sick and Lloyd’s sore finger did not clean up at night. Charley Allen came by and stayed  all night Pa killed a squirrel as we went to work nothing else today

Tuesday 18 – I worked with Shaw in the same place and took out $23 Allen started for the Point in the morning Pa and Lloyd still down

Wednesday 19 – Pretty cool today. Charley Allen came by on his way to the valley. Shaw and I still in the same place. Stripped off top dirt all day–made nothing of course. Pa and Lloyd went up the ditch to let in all of the water and found some men at work near the head of the ditch. Went after milk &c &c.

Thursday 20 – Shaw and myself still in the same place and took out $29. Shaw and myself went to the Point after supper for some potatoes, came back in the night. Pa also went to the Point after dinner. Nothing new today.

Friday 21 – Nothing new today more than usual. Shaw and I cleaned up the first thing in the morning and took out $23. Pa and Lloyd unable to work. Pa, Shaw and Lloyd went up to the head of the ditch where some men were using our water. They turned it on again, left me alone to work with the pipe stripping top dirt.

Saturday 22 – Shaw and myself in the same place. Stripped off top dirt and washed some bottom also, took over 2 oz. The men up the ditch keep taking our water without leave or license. Pa and Lloyd not able to work yet.

Sunday 23 – All of us went over to the bald mountain where the water comes from that runs into American Valley, went to the head of it and got back about noon. Shaw and myself went to the Point after dinner and took our picks. I came back with the ass packed with potatoes. Nothing else new today.

Monday 24 – Went to work in the foot of the big ravine alone, Lloyd not being able to work. Made nothing. Cloudy in the evening. Pa and Shaw went to the Point after supper. Nothing else new today.

Tuesday 25 – Worked with a hired man Pa and Shaw hired at the Point. Made nothing as usual.

Wednesday 26 – Made nothing today, as usual. Pa and Shaw made pretty good wages today.

Thursday 27 – Worked in the same place with the hired man. Took out only $5. Pa and Shaw made a big strike today. All went to Point after supper except Lloyd and myself.

Friday 28 – Still working in the same place sluicing off top dirt. Took out $17. The rest of the company made good wages. Cloudy and thundered very hard about noon and after but no rain. Nothing else more than usual.

Saturday 29 – Ground sluiced all day top dirt. Our water is failing very fast. All of the company went to the Point except Lloyd and I to the trial of Abbott and Sam W.  Nothing otherwise today.

Sunday 30 – Clear and pleasant. Stayed about the cabin all day. Pa and Shaw went to the Point after dinner. We had a big settlement. In the morning they brought up a hired man named Cook to work in Lloyd’s place. Nothing else today more than usual.

Monday 31 – Cooler than usual all day. Worked with the hired man today ground sluicing and dug up some trees, got very tired. Nothing else today.

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  1. Root & Co. merchandise and grocery in Nelson Creek. Consult the people list for additional details on the proprietors.
  2. Not included in this collection.