John Haun Diary, April 1854

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Saturday 1 – Clear in the forenoon but rained a little in the after. Washed some in the forenoon for the purpose of trying a place. Cleared off a place to ground sluice near a big tree that blowed down and made about $6.

Sunday 2 – Rained off and on all day. Washed some clothes and went to the Point in the evening. I stayed until dark. Dobson stayed all night for the purpose of going to Rich Bar1 in the morning to see about a claim.

Monday 3 – A clear beautiful day. Pa went to the Point early in the morning started with the res, Dobson and an old Dutchman named Goodshall. We got there about 11 o’clock. Crossed the river several times in a boat. Stayed all night at Shasta below the bar a piece. Played some on the violin for the first time since I left Marysville. Went around to all of the claims.

Tuesday 4 – We bought an interest in a claim above the bar, the company paying 400$ for it. We started for the Point after dinner and arrived about the middle of the afternoon. The man came with us named Parish to get his pay due. Got some crystallized quarts on the road. Parrish stayed  all night with us.

Wednesday 5 – Clear in the morning but cloudy in the evening. Goodshall his son and two other men came to the cabin in the morning. All of them left for Rich Bar after dinner leaving me alone. They took some provisions with them. I went up to the ditch in the afternoon to see about the water. Stopped several holes and threw out a good many rocks. They paid Parish his money after breakfast and started him home. Nothing else today.

Thursday 6 – Pleasant all day. Worked in the ravine all alone ground sluicing. Pretty lonesome by myself. Rained a little last night. Nothing new today.

Friday 7 – Very pleasant all day. Still alone ground sluiced all day. Had a headache today. John Humphreys came in and stayed awhile after supper.

Saturday 8 – The day of the election at the Point for county judge &. Ground sluiced all day, still alone.

Sunday 9 – Stayed about the cabin all forenoon. Pa came back from Rich Bar and I went to the Point for the purposed of hiring some hands to work in the place of Pa and Dobson but did not get any. Dobson and his company came up with me to the cabin and started for Rich Bar after getting something to eat. Rained a little in the evening. I got a couple of letters for Pa from home.2 Nothing else today.

Monday 10 – Cloudy all day. Rained early in the evening but cleared off about sunset. Pa started for Rich Bar after breakfast. I went to the Point to hire a couple of hands but did not succeed. Came back and went to ground sluicing. I quit a little before sunset on account of the rain. Got wood &c &c. Still alone.

Tuesday 11 – Rained and snowed in the morning. Done no work in the claim. I done some washing of clothes. A couple of men came over to hire out. I gave them $20 per month and board. Rained and snowed in the evening but did not stop work. Ready to get to washing. Nothing more today.

Wednesday 12 – The men came up to go to work set the boxes and went to washing. Did not weigh the gold, all of it. Very cold in the morning.

Thursday 13 – A pretty day. All hands washed, did not weigh the gold. Nothing else today.

Friday 14 – A pretty day. All hands ground sluiced, washed out the patent riffle box and got about $3. Nothing otherwise new today.

Saturday 15 – Nothing interesting today. A pretty day all hands washed today and only took out $37 in four days. The hands went to the Point after supper.

Sunday 16 – I went to the saw mill and looked at them work a while. Also went to the Point but did not stay long. Paid off the hired hands and came back to look at the diggings. All went to the Point after dinner and took some picks to get sharpened. We came back and started for Rich Bar about sunset. Hard walking over the road or mountain. Arrived there about suppertime. Stayed in an old saw mill for a cabin. Nothing else new.

Monday 17 – Done nothing all day but look around the bar. The Shasta boys jumped our claim. Pa and I concluded to leave the bar started after dinner up the volcano mountain. Very hard climbing. Got home after dark the saw mill in full operation at last.

Tuesday 18 – Cloudy pretty much all day. Rained all evening. Went up the ditch and stayed until sunset. Repaired the ditch in several places and got as much water as the ditch would carry. Went in the other cabin after supper and stayed until bed time. Nothing else today.

Wednesday 19 – Found it raining in the morning and continued until noon. It cleared off but commenced again after dinner a while and continued until morning, I suppose. Done no work in the forenoon except fixing some shovels. Ground sluiced in the evening with a large head of water. Very windy after supper. Nothing else today.

Thursday 20 – Rained and snowed all day. Went up the ditch in the forenoon to turn off some water so as not to break the ditch at this end. Got very wet and cold. Worked a little while after dinner but it commenced raining very hard and we quit. Came home and mended some shirts.

Friday 21 – Snow from six to nine inches deep. Rained and snowed nearly all day. Yank came up in the morning and stayed until noon. I took a good nap before dinner. Commenced a letter to Georgetown, then went out and worked a little in the evening, ground sluicing. Got wet and cold, thought a great deal about home.

Saturday 22 – Clear and beautiful all day. Snow melting very fast. Went to the Point after breakfast. I saw Dobson; he hired a man to work his interest on the shares. I bought a pair of gum boots for $10. Felt uneasy on account of the change in company. Nothing else today.

Sunday 23 – A mistake made in the day; read the lower column first. Cold and cloudy today, snow not melting much. Ground sluiced all day in some blue mud very tough indeed. Wrote a little in a letter. No more.

Monday 24 – Clear and pretty in the forenoon but rained towards night. Harvey came up to work Dobson’s interest but did not wash any. I went to the Point after work for some candles. Yank came up with me from the saw mill. Done no work in the forenoon but ground sluiced in the after.

Tuesday 25 – Found it snowing in the morning very fast. Went to work cutting a ditch and turning the water out out of the ravine for the purpose of washing snow melted off about noon but continued off and on all day. Gillingham came to the cabin and stayed  until after dinner, set the boxes and got ready for washing. Dobson still at Rich Bar. Worked on my gum boots a little after supper. Nothing else.

Wednesday 26 – Clear but very cold in the morning. Pa and myself washed today and took out $28. Nothing else of interest today.

Thursday 27 – Cloudy pretty much all morning but cleared off about noon and remained so all day. Washed again today: $122. Dobson is still at Rich Bar. Worked hard all day. Nothing else today of interest.

Friday 28 – Cloudy a little all day but pleasant. Rained after dinner a little and continued until night. Washed all day and took $81.

Saturday 29 – Rained all day by spells. Washed today and took out $8 and Dobson not back yet. Nothing else today, I believe.

Sunday 30 – Found it raining and snowing in the morning. Yank came up to play chess. Pa went to the Point after dinner. I done considerable washing of clothes today, had a general cleaning up stayed about the cabin all day. Finished soling my gum boots after supper. Dobson not arrived yet from Rich Bar. Nothing else today.

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  1. Consult the map for precise location.
  2. Lizzie Hurst’s letter of February 5 1854 has been preserved and is available here. The second letter, from Alvin Duvall, is not included in this collection.