John Haun Diary, December 1855

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Saturday 1 – Bill and I went out to work but did not work long on account of the water. I then went up and worked with Shults and only made 50 cents. John Shults came up to where we were at work and stayed a little while.

Sunday 2 – Bill and Jim went to the Point in the morning and came back about supper time. I pottered about the cabin all day.

Monday 3 – Very cold in the morning and went to work putting in another window in the cabin. Fox came up after dinner and stayed until late in the evening. It turned warm after supper.

Tuesday 4 – Jim and I worked with the rocker and made $5.50. Nothing otherwise today.

Wednesday 5 – We all got up early and made preparations for killing our hog. We finished it about noon. Bill went to the Point but did not get back that night. Jim and I cut up the hog and salted it away. Commenced snowing in the evening. Nothing else.

Thursday 6 – Jim and I set about the cabin all day and kept up the fire. Bill and John Shults came up after supper from the Point. Snowed all day.

Friday 7 – We stayed about the cabin all day. The snow being so deep we could hardly get out.  About up to our waists.

Saturday 8 – Turned warm today and melted all day  John Shults started for
the valley in the forenoon Jim and I went as far as Pikes cabin with him we got a couple of old picks and some things &c

Sunday 9 – Nothing of consequence transpired today.

Monday 10 – Jim and I went to the Point after breakfast and stayed until night. Rained and thawed nearly all day. We got some novels &c &c.

Tuesday 11 – Pleasant overhead. Snow melting some. Jim and I went out and worked a little while and we brought all of our tools to the cut in front of the cabin and prospected a little. Turned cold about night. Nothing else today  (my birthday).

Wednesday 12 – Stayed about the cabin all day and read novels. Pretty cold all day. Snow not melting much. Nothing of interest today.

Thursday 13 – Stayed about the cabin all day, having nothing else to do. Bill went to the Point about noon. Pa and Dave came back with him about supper time. They left Ma and Lizzie at Rabbit Creek. Heard all of the news of course. Snowed a little today.

Friday 14 – We all shoveled out roads to the spring and between the cabins. Bill and I hauled some wood on a sled and pulled out the tongue. Pretty cold.

Saturday 15 – Jim Bill and I went to the Point after breakfast to grind a chisel and got an ague and came back. Jim and Bill stayed all night. Snowed all day. Nothing else I believe.

Sunday 16 – Stayed about the cabin all day and made snow shoes out of hoops and flour sacks. Jim came home before breakfast but Bill stayed on his spree. Warm and thawed all day.

Monday 17 – I finished the sled &c. Dave, Pa and I went up the ditch as far as the big flume and found the water near the bear trap coming down. We wore our snow shoes to try them. Thawing fast all day.

Tuesday 18 – I started about day light for Quincy and got there about 10 o’clock. I stayed  until after dinner, got through with my business and started home. Stopped a little while at the Illinois Ranch brought some books for Jim from John Shults. Got home about supper time. Nothing else today.

Wednesday 19 – Stayed about the cabin nearly all day. Pa and Bill went up Pike’s ditch and stopped some leaks. Dave and I went out to the diggings and turned the water out of the hose. Rained and snowed all day. We went to the reservoir but found no water. Nothing else.

Thursday 20 – Pa, Dave and I started for Rabbit Creek, arrived at Onion Valley at nearly noon. Got something to eat and fixed our snow shoes and started on. We met several men from Gibsonville. One of them had a letter for Pa.  Arrived at Gibson about 2 o’clock. Took dinner and left our snow shoes and started. Arrived at Rabbit Creek about supper time and surprised them all. We went to a party and stayed until 12 o’clock. Snowed all night. Nothing else today.

Friday 21 – Stayed about the hotel all day. Brown and Neal came in after supper and played cards and drank Champagne. We set up late. Snowed nearly all day but commenced raining after supper and continued nearly all night.

Saturday 22 – All of us started for Gibsonville about 11 o’clock but only got to the half-way house and stayed all night. Ma give out and had to stop. Nothing else today uncommon.

Sunday 23 – Got up early in the morning fixed up an old sled and started. Arrived at Gibsonville after a hard tramp by 12 o’clock &c. Took dinner and started again but did not get far so we concluded to turn back and we stayed all night. Turned very cold in the night &c.

Monday 24 – Found it very cold in the morning, the coldest weather ever felt in the country. We started but only got partially up the hill. It was two cold to undertake it. Pa, Smith and I git some timber to make a sled but did not finish it. Nothing more today.

Tuesday 25 – Christmas day. We finished our sled fast and started for Onion Valley. Eight or ten men came over with us and arrived at the  valley about 2 o’clock. We had a big dinner. A good many came in from the neighboring diggings. Very cold on the hill, snowed towards evening. Nothing of particular interest today otherwise.

Wednesday 26 – We started after breakfast for the Point about 10 o’clock. Several men helped us up the hill. Four of them came to the point with us and got there after dinner. We took dinner at Fox’s. Dave, Jim Shults and I started with the sled for home. Snowed very fast all evening. Pa, Ma and Lizzie stayed all night at Fox’s. We met Sherwin Lovejoy and Sterling and McDonald on their way below. We stopped at a cabin and built a fire to warm by &c &c.

Thursday 27 – Done nothing all day but stayed  about the cabin all day. Rained and snowed nearly all day. Dave and I went out to the diggings and found the hose full of ice. We cleaned the snow off of them and came to the house. Pa, Ma and Lizzie came about the sunset. Turned very cold in the morning, went to work making preparations for living, making bunks, washing clothes, bed ticks &c

Friday 28 – Very cold in the morning went to work making preparations for living making bunks, washing clothes, bed ticks, &c. Very cold all day. Nothing else of interest today.

Saturday 29 – Very cold today. Bill Dave and I went to cutting logs to build another cabin. Worked until noon and quit. Dave broke an axe, being so cold. Nothing else today.

Sunday 30 – Bill and I went to the Point on in the morning to get a saw and other things and came back about noon. Pretty cold today.

Monday 31 – All of us went to work on the house. Laid the foundation and put up some of the logs. I did not work much in the forenoon having a very sore throat, but I helped in the evening. I felt badly all day &c &c

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