John Haun Diary, January 1857

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Thursday 1 – New Years day. There was part of brass band playing in town. A couple of horses run off with a sleigh in town and broke it to pieces. Rains and I started for Nelson Point and we stopped a while at Alfords’ to see his uncle, Earl Edwards. We went to Independence Bar to a frolic, but did not stay long. We stayed all night at Fox’s

Friday 2 – Bill started for Marysville. I went to Rocky Bar and stayed awhile. I got some dirty clothes and my fiddle and started for the valley. I went as far as McNabbs’ and stayed all night. Snowed nearly all day and rained after supper.

Saturday 3 – I started for the valley after breakfast, the snow being nearly three feet deep. I got to the ranch about 2 o’clock after a hard tramp. Snowed all day with out ceasing. Pa and I shoveled the snow off of the porch to keep it from breaking down. Nothing more today.

Sunday 4 – Stayed about the house all day and helped Ma put up some curtains. Steve Bass killed a beef in our lot after shooting 5 or 6 times.

Monday 5 – Everybody going to Spanish Ranch to a party Ben Lurman and I worked out a black horse in a jumper. We got there before supper a little. We had quite a fine time, danced until 3 o’clock. Pa came up after supper.

Tuesday 6 – Ben and started home. Our horse cut a few shines on the way. The rest of the folks went to Meadow Valley to have another dance.

Wednesday 7 – Moore and I hauled a load of hay to Elizabethtown to Dr. Cates’ on a sled and got back about supper time. Thompson came up with his sleigh and we all went with him to Cate’s and stayed until 12 o’clock. Very cold indeed. Nothing else today.

Thursday 8 – Moose and I cut wood in the forenoon. We went out in the woods and cut down a couple of dry trees for wood. Thompson, Edwards, Mrs Edwards and Kates came up and stayed awhile. Very cold again tonight.

Friday 9 – Moore and I hauled in some logs for wood all day. Pretty cold.

Saturday 10 – Moore and I hauled logs again today for wood. Cold today, as usual.

Sunday 11 – Turned warm today. Snow melting very fast. Stayed about home all day. Rained about bed time. I saw Jack Powers–on a spree of course.

Monday 12 – Warm and cloudy today. Moore and I went out to haul some logs for the old negro but broke one of the yokes and only hauled one log, a pine one. We then loaded the wagon with hay and went to Elizabethtown. We got stalled and broke the goose on the tongue and had to unload. There was a party at Elizabethtown to night. Rained today got home after dark.

Tuesday 13 – Rained some today. Pa, Moore and I sorted out some potatoes. No more.

Wednesday 14 – Rained nearly all day. Snow going off very fast. We cut some wood today. Mark Haviland came in and stayed about two hours. Mrs Edwards and Cates came in after supper and Saturday awhile.

Thursday 15 – Nothing of interest today. Rained as usual. Mr and Mrs Edwards stayed  all night.

Friday 16 – About 2 inches more of snow on the ground. Snowed and rained nearly all day. We did not work any today.

Saturday 17 – Moore and I cut some wood in the morning and we hauled a load of hay for Mastin to Willmans. We got stalled and got Ed Bass’ oxen to help us. we had to unload part of it before we could get to the stable. Rained some today and after supper considerable.

Sunday 18 – Nothing interesting today. I went to Alfords for some wheat for chickens but got none, and then went to Cate’s and got 72 lbs. I stopped at Weldon’s to look at some sled runners.

Monday 19 – We fixed up a rack to feed cattle in. Moore and I went on the hunt for a tree to make sled runners. We found one and cut it. We got dinner and took a yoke of cattle and hauled it in, also a tongue and hay pole. A pretty day. Edwards and his wife Thompson and Miss Swinerten came in after supper and Saturday awhile. Nothing more today.

Tuesday 20 – A pretty day we commenced making out sled bud did not finish

Wednesday 21 – Worked on the sled again today and finished it in the evening

Thursday 22 – Nothing of interest today. A pretty day.

Friday 23 – Moore and I cut some wood for the shoe maker. Another pretty day.

Saturday 24 – Pa, Moore and I cut and split rails and hauled them in on the sled. Hauled some wood for the shoe maker. Dad came by from the Point on his way to Elizabethtown. Frank, Fox and Root came in after supper. Frank stayed all night with us. Nothing of interest today.

Sunday 25 – Frank and I started for the Point. I walked and he rode. Got there after dinner. I took dinner with him. Nothing else today.

Monday 26 – We all went to work on the big flume for Sherwin raising and caulking it near the mill. I took dinner with Edwards saw Mrs. Lacy there.

Tuesday 27 – Worked on the flume again today. Rained a little in the evening. We finished the flume on our side of the creek. Nothing else.

Wednesday 28 – Warm and cloudy today. Ned and I fixed up our leading troughs. Also fixed up Sterling’s boxes to run into out claims. Sweeten and Kyler caulked the flume. We got wood in the evening out of the Fritz cabin.

Thursday 29 – Commenced sluicing in the morning but a slide came down and broke a couple of boxes. Mended up did not work in the evening, only ground our tools. Great excitement about McNabb’s diggings. Dad and Kyler commenced working after supper. Nothing else today.

Friday 30 – Ned went to the Point to mend some hoes while Sweeten and I broke rocks dad and Kyler slept ground sluices all evening 3 of us.

Saturday 31 – Broke rocks all forenoon and piped in the after. Dad and Kyler run tonight but gave out about 8 o’clock and Kyler went up the flume to see about it. Very cold this morning. Nothing interesting today.

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