John Haun Diary, July 1855

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Sunday 1 – Pa and Shaw started early this morning for Marysville. The rest of us went to the Point. Came back about noon and after dinner went to the Willow Ranch to look at the big cut in the flat. Came home and I went to sleep. Nothing else today.

Monday 2 – Went to work in Lawrance’s diggings—set the hose and prepared for
washing. Nothing more today unusual.

Tuesday 3 – The hoses burst several times today. We lost nearly the whole day mending them. Nothing otherwise new today.

Wednesday 4 – Everybody going to the valley to see the bear and bull fight. Eves started also. We stayed at home and worked all day. Nothing else today.

Thursday 5 – Piped all day as usual, washed a good deal of dirt. McFall came by the diggings from the valley, perfectly disgusted with the fight. An old man came up to the diggings by the name of Hueston. He was acquainted with H.P. I had some talk with him, but he did not stay long.

Friday 6 – Cleaned bedrock all day and took out 2 oz, minus $2. Nothing else today.

Saturday 7 – Cleaned bedrock again today and took out $39. Nothing else today.

Sunday 8 – All of us went to the Point in the morning and stayed a little while, got some provisions. Came back and we went to the Willow Ranch and over to Sterling’s diggings and found some chinamen at work in the ravine. We killed a rattle snake. Lloyd’s partner came up to the cabin after a knife and fork and some other little things. Nothing interesting today.

Monday 9 – Worked today as usual, but made nothing. The hose burst in the forenoon. Nothing else uncommon today.

Tuesday 10 – Worked as usual and took out $12. Set the boxes ready for cleaning up. Davies came up in the forenoon to see Lawrance concerning Shaw’s money. Nothing else uncommon today.

Wednesday 11 – Cleaned bedrock all day and took out $7 minus $2 Pa and Shaw came to the diggings  little before sunset and we quit work and came to the house all well at H.P.’s nothing more today

Thursday 12 – Pa and I went to work in the upper diggings cleaned off the rocks. Shaw and the balance went up Pikes ditch to turn in more water to fix up the dam. Heard that Buchanan was dead.

Friday 13 – Pa and I worked in the old channel, but made nothing. Cleaned off a great many rocks. Nothing else today.

Saturday 14 – Pa and I still at work in the old channel made pretty near wages. Moved a great many rocks and roots. Nothing more today.

Sunday 15 – All of us went to the Point in the forenoon and I came back with Tom Eves before dinner to get a letter of his. I stayed about the cabin in the evening and shot squirrels. Lawrance went to the Point to start below. Nothing else new today.

Monday 16 – Went to work with the pipe in the left side of the ravine. Prish came up to buy Shaw out, but did not do it. I had some talk with Shaw about buying him out. Weston Haver came to the diggings in the evening from below. He stayed  all night at the Point.

Tuesday 17 – Pa and I worked as usual. I bargained to buy Shaw’s interest in everything for $550. Him and I went to the Point after supper but did not stay long. A temperance meeting was held at the point tonight. Nothing else uncommon today.

Wednesday 18 – Moved down the hose and pipe to the lower diggings, cleared off some ground for the hose. Got to piping in the afternoon but had but little water. Cloudy today. Nothing more I believe.

Thursday 19 – Piped today as usual. Washed up two trees. Had a hail storm in the evening, it increased the water considerably.

Friday 20 – Worked with the pipe all day washing off the top dirt &c.

Saturday 21 – Lawrance sold out to Rositer and we three worked as usual, cutting and piling up logs and stumps. Cleaned up our boxes in the evening and took out 3 oz minus $1. Nothing else uncommon.

Sunday 22 – Had a settlement in the morning of all our business, then went to the Point. I took down some shirts to wash. Came back pretty near by night and got supper. Pa received a letter from Dave in Iowa starting that he was coming out as soon as possible.

Monday 23 – Worked in the same place as usual. I cleaned bedrock nearly all day but did not clean up the boxes. We commenced using the reservoir, not having water sufficient. Nothing else.

Tuesday 24 – Worked as usual I cleaned bedrock all day and took out $62. Shaw, Lawrance and another man came by the diggings on their way to the Point. Nothing of interest today.

Wednesday 25 – Today worked as usual cleaning bedrock and piping. Did not clean up boxes.

Thursday 26 – Worked as usual piping and cleaning bedrock. Took out $66. Rositer and went to the Point after supper. We seen Shaw and Lawrance.

Friday 27 – Worked as usual piping &c. Shaw and Lawrance came up to the diggings early in the morning. Nothing else of consequence today.

Saturday 28 – Worked all day at a stump and got it out of the way in the evening, and cleaned a little bedrock and got $76. Pretty good days’ work today.

Sunday 29 – Pa, Rositer and myself went up the Pike ditch early in the morning to see about the water. Came back and went to the Point and stayed a little after dinner, ground some axes &c. Went up our ditch in the evening Rositer and I divided out grub into four parts after supper. Nothing else of consequence today.

Monday 30 – Worked as usual and took out $24. Warm as usual. Nothing else today.

Tuesday 31 – Piped in the forenoon and cleaned bedrock in the evening. Also cleaned up and set our boxes, took out $22. Nothing else today of interest.

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