James Haun Diary, March 1858

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Monday 1 – I am not able to work.

Tuesday 2 – I helped John haul out manure on garden but was sick all day.

Wednesday 3 – I took a dose of calomel last night and was down all day.

Thursday 4 – I am still out of sorts. The weather is a little stormy.

Friday 5 – I am improving. John hauled a load of wheat to the mill for Burkholder.

Saturday 6 – I help John to start plowing in the garden, the first he has done that way. I received a letter on Friday night last from A. Mengers     informing me that he must have the $389 that I owe him.

Sunday 7 – I wrote a letter to H.P. this  morning in answer to A. Mengers request and hope it will be attended to. I took a cold bath early this morning.

Monday 8 – I sent H.P.’s letter by express at the cost of $.25. John worked at plowing.

Tuesday 9 – John is plowing and nothing else doing. I am without any hope.

Wednesday 10 – John continue plowing this forenoon and after two. I can’t get  to doing anything yet. I gave $1 for green tea.

Thursday 11 – John was plowing this forenoon, and after him and Truit went to Bates’ Mill and hauled down a load lumber each for a miner on Badger Hill.

Friday 12 – John and Truit started early with one wagon and planks for Badger Hill. They got back after dark.

Saturday 13 – The weather is a little unfavorable. John was plowing and I hauled three loads of wood until noon. After, John and Truit went to Alford’s mill and got a load of plank for the Arkansas Company. Dick finished plowing.

Sunday 14 – Snowed a little last night, and was somewhat cold. I made a mistake of one day in hauling; it was one day earlier than I’ve started.

Monday 15 – John and Truitt took a load of plank to the Arkansas Company. I was up there today.

Tuesday 16 – John and Truitt took another load of plank up there today. It rained and snowed considerable today.

Wednesday 17 – The boys went up to the mill and got two loads of plank. It was all they did.

Thursday 18 – The boys hauled another load of plank to the Arkansas Company. Very cold last night. I was on a jury to try the right of property between Canion and O’Neal — I got $3 for the same.

Friday 19 – The boys has gone to Badger Hill with a load of plank for Hackells. I paid $2.50 two days ago for whiskey and paper, and today gave $.25 for paper again. I received a letter from H.P. on business and one also from A. Mengers, saying he must have his money.

Saturday 20 – I went to Johnsville and received $50 in gold dust of Warren Stag. I came home and paid $.25 tool gate fee. John went to Nelson Creek to see Jas Smith for money but got none. Dick hauled two loads of lumber for John from the mill.

Sunday 21 – The ox press came in. I received another letter from Mengers and one from H.P. Money, Mengers must have.

Monday 22 – I sent $231 by Whiting to H.P., cost me $2 for carrying it. John and Truit took a load of plank to Badger Hill to Heckel.

Tuesday 23 – Dick left yesterday for the Arkansas Company. I laid a floor in the wood house to put cabbage in yesterday. I, my wife and Davy took out of the ground, cleaned, and put in the house a lot of cabbage. John and Truit hauled a load of plank to Varner’s.

Wednesday 24 – It rained last night in the valley and snowed on the mountains. It continue all day and the wind blew down a part of lot fence in front. I and John put it up again in the rain. Carter got back with Moore.

Thursday 25 – The snow fell five inches deep in the valley and plenty on mountains. The sun shone out. I, John and Carter dug out the rest of cabbage last Wednesday. Mrs. Duesler gave John $75 for the grey horse. Joe Coffin got over 500 pounds cabbage at $2.50 per hundred, and at least $.75 were rotten on taking them out.

Friday 26 – It snowed all of last night; it was some six inches deep this morning, and continued to fall very fast all day without any intermission. It did not increase of the depth on the ground in the valley, but it is quite deep on the mountains the miners say.

Saturday 27 – The weather cleared up last night and it froze some, but is quite foggy this morning and somewhat cloudy. Nothing doing.

Sunday 28 – The weather is unsettled, and if I mistake not, the storm will last some time yet, though the sun has been shining out today.

Monday 29 – Considerable snow has fallen last night. I, John and Dick went out to cut some wood for Bass when it held up snowing this morning. My hands blistered some, as I have not worked lately.

Tuesday 30 –  It continued to snow and rain, but held about noon. We again went out in in the P.M. and did some more cutting. John hauled a load of wood in the A.M.

Wednesday 31 – The day passed off without rain or snow. John hauled four loads of wood to John Bass. I was about town all day as there was an election held in this district for Supervisor. Number 2, and Number 3 also on Monday last. I sent $75 by Whiting Express to H.P. Haun. I gave $1 for the express and $1 for tea.

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