John Haun Diary, May 1855

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Tuesday 1 – First day of May. Piped all day and took out $27.50. Shaw, Shults, Rains went to the Point after supper to the ball,  or to look on. The first day of May brings back pleasant recollections of the past nothing more.

Wednesday 2 – Piped in the forenoon and set the boxes, and commenced cleaning bedrock in the after. Took out 9 oz, $1.50. Snowed in the evening and turned cold but cleared off after supper. Heath not back from the Point. Nothing else uncommon I believe today.

Thursday 3 – Cleaned bedrock all day and took out 6 oz and $14. I went to the point early in the forenoon to get some picks sharpened. Got some hams. Cross and Powers came by the diggings in the afternoon Pike and company came up after supper.  Judge Heath and Duesler came up about noon. Nothing of consequence today.

Friday 4 – I went to the Point early in the morning and got some provisions for the company. Cleaned bedrock the balance of the forenoon. Set boxes and piped in the afternoon and took out $89. Timberman and clerk came by the diggings. Duesler came up to the cabin again nothing else new today.

Saturday 5 – Piped all day and took out $22. Pa arrived about supper time. Nothing of importance I believe otherwise.

Sunday 6 – All of us went to the Point in the morning and bought some provisions. Pa loaned Thompson some money. Nothing else.

Monday 7 – Stayed about the cabin all day. Felt very badly. Done no work today. I got some milk from the ranch. Nothing else today.

Tuesdays 8 – Pa, Shaw and Judge Heath started for the valley to attend the lawsuit. I went to work with the hired hands. Did not make much today. I felt a little better in the evening. Nothing else today.

Wednesday 9 – Piped today as usual but did not make much head way. The bank caved badly. Didn’t make much today.

Thursday 10 – Worked as usual sluicing off the dirt off of the boxes, cleaned some bedrock and took out $39.50. Shaw got back after supper the suit went against Pa. I felt a little better today.

Friday 11 – Cleaned bedrock and took out $72 in the forenoon. rained in the  evening and snowed a little towards night. Our grub came a little after noon. I paid 9 oz and $3 in dust. Heath and Pa came home about supper time. Nothing else today, more than usual.

Saturday 12 – Found the ground covered with snow in the morning. Done no work
today. Pretty cool today. I went to Pike’s cabin after a saw. No more.

Sunday 13 – All of us went to the Point today. I came back about noon and stopped a while at the saw mill. Nothing else today, I believe.

Monday 14 – All of us divided off and went to work as usual. Shaw, Heath & Rains commenced running a cut in the flat near Pike’s cabin. Rositer and I did not clean up tonight. Our hose burst about night.

Tuesday 15 – We finished the old stump in the morning and took out $26. The rest of the company still running the cut into the flat. Nothing else today.

Wednesday 16 – Worked all day with the pipe but did not make anything worth naming. Cleaned some bedrock in the evening. Nothing else today.

Thursday 17 – Rositer and myself cleaned bedrock in the forenoon and took out $33, sluiced off some blue mud in the evening.

Friday 18 – Rains, Rositer and myself cut and split an old cedar out of the way. Pa and Lawrance fixing up the hose and pipe. All of us cleaned up brest.

Saturday 19 – Pa, Rains and myself cutting ditches and fixing boxes to start the pipe. Pa went to the Point in the morning and got back a little after dinner, went to piping. It did not work as well as we expected. Worked all evening with it. Rained and snowed a little all day, a drizzle. Nothing else.

Sunday 20 – Stormed very hard all day, snowed and rained. All of us stayed about the cabin all day and settled up our affairs  Pike came up after supper. Lloyd came up to Pike’s cabin and went to the Point.

Monday 21 – Piped as usual and took out $72 all coarse gold. Rained and snowed a little today. Snow melting very fast. Nothing else today.

Tuesday 22 – Worked in the forenoon with the pipe. Hose bursted after dinner. Pa and Duesler went to sewing on them. Bill and I ground sluiced. The Sheriff came with Lloyd to place him in possession of his diggings, but Lloyd did not stay long. Commenced hailing after supper. Nothing of consequence today.

Wednesday 23 – Bill and myself ground sluiced in the forenoon. Pa and Duesler went to sewing on the hose, set the pipe and worked in the evening, found the ground covered with snow in the morning, but it soon went off.

Thursday 24 – Bill and myself cleaned bedrock and finished it after dinner and took out $8.50. Pa started for the Valley this morning to attend his suit. He took part of the pipe to have it altered a little. He received a letter from home written in March.1 Nothing more of interest today.

Friday 25 – Worked a while with the pipe, but it did not work. Very well made.

Saturday 26 – Shaw took the pipe to the valley to get it altered again. Pa, Bill and myself worked with part of the pipe, sluicing down. Took out one ounce. Shaw got back before supper. Lawrance and Rositer got on a spree. Nothing else today.

Sunday 27 – All of us went to the Point in the forenoon but did not stay long. Pa received a couple of letters from home, spoke of times being very hard and provisions very scarce.2 Nothing else new today.

Monday 28 – Pa, Bill, Shults, and I worked with the pipe Jim. Only worked in the forenoon and took out $42. Nothing else today.

Tuesday 29 – Pa paid Shults off and he started up the river to work with his brothers above Bray’s. Cleaned up the riffles and took out one ounce. No more.

Wednesday 30 – Pa and I piped and took out $12. Bill washed with Shaw and Lawrance. Diggings about running out. Pike came up after supper.

Thursday 31 – Pa and I piped today, took out good wages. Pretty warm all day.

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  1. Likely one of the undated letters.
  2. James Haun reports that two letters were received from Martha Haun, dated April 7 and April 11 1855. The April 7th letter includes a note from David Haun as well.