James Haun Diary, November 1856

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Saturday 1 – We are still at digging.

Sunday 2 – No alteration, but not actually at work.

Monday 3 – Rains helped us to dig potatoes today as he cannot get the wagon mended in time to make a load to Soda Bar.

Tuesday 4 – At last we have finished our potatoes. Early all three of us went to the courthouse and voted the Democratic ticket. We knocked off the rest of the day.

Wednesday 5 – It rained considerable today. Rains went to haul a load of plank and got back tonight at 9:00 P.M. News is favorable to the Democrats.

Thursday 6 – We are sawing up logs of wood. Rains has gone with the last load of planks.

Friday 7 – We are sawing for wood and grubbing Dave and John came over on the 5th. John went back on the 6th. Dave has quit mining has a man to work

Saturday 8 – Cold and frosty last night. We put up two log heaps and split up wood.

Sunday 9 – Very frosty and cold last night. I and Dave went up to Hungarian Diggins to see if I can get water on my ranch, but rather hard to do. I was late getting back.

Monday 10 – Very cold last night.
We are splitting wood, &c. I am making shingles to cover a porch alongside the ell1. Dave is putting it up.
I sold the speckled ox to Sterling for $85 and sold four oxen to J.J. Harvey for $416, payable on the 15th of March.

Tuesday 11 – Very cold nights. I am making shingles. Moore is burying cabbages. Dave is putting on the roof to the porch next.

Wednesday 12 – Cold nights. We finished the porch this evening.

Thursday 13 – I gave Dave the $85 I got for the speckled ox to give it to H.P., as it is his, and $14 I owed him, borrowed money, and $11 more to pay as Dave started for Marysville this afternoon.

Friday 14 – Rains took a load of hay to Betsy Town for Alford, worth $42.60.

Saturday 15 – Rained yesterday. Today Rains got lost and left the oxen and wagon in the woods between Spanish Ranch and Mountain House on Saturday night —

Sunday 16 – Rained today some. The Know Nothings have elected four county candidates. The state will give a large majority for Buck and Breck2.

Monday 17 – Still raining. Rains has gone to the Mountain House with potatoes, turnips, and cabbages 1,538 pounds. I and Moore worked at sorting potatoes this A.M. The weather cleared off in the P.M.

Tuesday 18 – Rains got home at dark. I and Moore worked at sorting potatoes. Rains is somewhat drunk, rather talkative. I sent four sacks of potatoes to Frank Fox at Nelson Point.

Wednesday 19 – We finished sorting potatoes. It was today that Rains got home drunk from Mountain House, &c.

Thursday 20 – I sent Rains up to Massack with 1,030 pounds of vegetables. Moore dug the last of the potatoes. I went over to Soda Bar with Lovejoy. It commenced snowing in earnest. I collected $12.50 for hauling, and $24 from Lovejoy, $36.50 in all.

Friday 21 – Still snowing at intervals. Didn’t work any. Rains got home after nightfall with the oxen. The hind axle of the wagon broke, and he left all the Sockum cabin, &c —

Saturday 22 – Still stormy. The snow is 8 inches deep in the valley.

Sunday 23 – Storming at intervals, but inclined to be warm.

Monday 24 – Snowing. Bill has gone after the wagon and hauled the vegetables over to Massack. He got home after dark. Moore went over to Nelson Creek after gunny bags. Got back.

Tuesday 25 – Murray made me an ox yoke yesterday. We had the shoes pulled off Braud and put on the white ox. I and     Moore was sacking vegetables all day. Rains got timber to make a new axle. Murray is at work at it —

Wednesday 26 – Rains gone up to Mountain House with 1,215 pounds vegetables on Butt’s wagon. Nothing else doing —

Thursday 27 – Cloudy and unpleasant. Rains got home this evening and brought me $5. It is all he sold for cash. I put soles on my boots. I gave 25 cents for paper tax.

Friday 28 – Rains took Butts wagon home. He claims $1 a day for the use of it, three days in all. Bill hauled up two logs in the yard for wood.

Saturday 29 – Rains got Ray’s wagon to haul some lumber to Soda Bar. It snowed last night about 9 inches deep in the valley. He did not go. I paid Rob Elliot $61 interest money was on a note of $500 and collected $8 of Todd R., and grub.

Sunday 30 – Snowed last night again, I had a little settlement with Moore. His board was was $11. I had paid him $12.50 and cash $5.50, in all $29 out of the $48 balance. $19 still remain. Later I assumed $12 to pay Williams.
Noon found me on my way to Nelson. I met a Mr. Butts 2 miles from Nelson. He wants to get out but was afraid to venture. He concluded to try it with me. We went to my old cabin and got 2 pair of snowshoes. We arrived in good time. I saw John and the rest of our company. We all went down to Rocky Bar.

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  1. Refers to the wing of a building lying perpendicular to the main structure. Very common in farmhouse construction, in which the ell might connect the main house to an out building or barn.
  2. Refers to James Buchanan, popularly nicknamed “Old Buck,” and his running mate John Breckinridge. The two won white house in 1857.