James Haun Diary, October 1857

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Thursday 1 – I started in company with Lem and Rains for Marysville. We stopped a short time at Nelson Point. I got of Thompson $816.25, a part of a loan of J.V. Overton. We then took dinner at Gibsonville and fed the horses, $1.50, and then on to Rabbit Creek. I settled with Dr. Brewster; all even. Then we put up at the Buckeye for the night.

Friday 2 – We paid our bills for horse and man, $3 cash for supper and lodging. We stopped at Wood’s to eat breakfast and fed the horses, $1.50, then to Stanfield Ranch for dinner and to refresh the horses, $.25, and then I stopped at brother Jack’s a little after dark. All were from home.

Saturday 3 – Jack came in last night. His wife is at San Francisco for her health. We went down town. I bought 2 pounds grapes, $.50, and had a tube put in my pistol, $1. I was to see Captain Nye and family and Pauline. I went over to H.P.’s late in the P.M. with him and others.

Sunday 4 – H.P. and family is not well. Colonel Thompkins came out with Jack. We were hunting hairs in the P.M.

Monday 5 – Henry, Derick and I went to town. I wrote a letter to R.C. Bourne. I got a letter from Hogan Barnett and Miss Dogit on the first instant. They were married.
I went over to Henry’s. Dinner $.50.

Tuesday 6 – Rained last night and today. We made doors to the blacksmith shop.

Wednesday 7 – We came to town. I bought a pair of boots for $4.50 and a check shirt $1, a vest $1, dinner $.50, grapes $.33. We all went over to Henry’s.

Thursday 8 – Henry, Jack and I went to town. Grapes $.25. Henry sewed Murray. I and Jack were  his security for costs.
Rained last night. I am staying with Jack tonight. It is sundown. Jack is writing letters and I am making entries. I got a letter from R.C. Bourne this P.M. He says he has no money but will let me have some stock.

Friday 9 – I went to Harry’s stayed all night. Nothing new.

Saturday 10 – I started early for the Mountains. I arrived at 1:00 P.M. at R.C. Bourne’s. I put up for the day and ate dinner. All well.

Sunday 11 – Bub started out on the hunt for money and returned in the morning with $300. I continued the rest of the day with him.

Monday 12 – This day week I paid Lem $65 for a cow he left on my ranch and $15 for Carter. Also on Wednesday the 7th I paid A. Mengers $700 on a note of $1,000. The balance due on Mengers’ principal and interest is $338, for which I gave a new note. I left Bub’s for the valley and arrived in the P.M. at Henry’s. We had cold dinner.

Tuesday 13 – I laid about Henry’s in the A.M. I went out hunting hairs in the P.M. and caught a rabbit. H.P.’s stable roof was on fire and burnt some ten square feet, but was put out.

Wednesday 14 – I came to town in company with Henry and had dinner, $1.25. Jack went over to Henry’s with us. I bought a pair specs, cost $1.50.

Thursday 15 – Henry and family are sick with chills and ague. Jack started to Sacramento too. We took a pair of large bay horses to sell, and then on to San Francisco after his wife. I and Derick went to town.
I paid $.50 for whiskey, $.50 for dinner yesterday. I sent $100 to my wife, cost $1, and wrote a letter, cost $.25.

Friday 16 – I came to town with Derrick. I got a letter from Bub. He says he has not got any money but will get it before he stops. I left his note and mortgage with C. Lindly to collect. I bought a cylinder and tube, $1, and paid $.75 for whiskey. I stayed in town went to see the negro minstrels, then paid $1 for a bed at the Western House, room 16. I did not sleep much on account of the mosquitoes.

Saturday 17 – Breakfast $.75. I paid for whiskey and caps $.50. I put in my time at at nothing. Later I went out with Derrick to Henry’s—

Sunday 18 – We all were laying around most of the day. Late in the P.M. I went on the slew and got some wild grapes.

Monday 19 – I caught my horse and went to town with Henry and Derick. I made out a bill of groceries for Galloway Hite and to fill beer, one bit1. I took a bit of supper, $.50. I then rode out to Jack’s to stay all night.

Tuesday 20 – After an early breakfast at Brother Jack’s I started for home. I took dinner at Sawmill Cottage and fed my horse, cost $1. I then made Columbus House where I put up for the night.

Wednesday 21 – After breakfast I paid my bill, $4. I stopped at Gibsonville and took dinner and fed horse, but he refused to eat, cost $1.50. Then on to Onion Valley. I stopped about one hour, took two drinks of whiskey, then on to Nelson Creek. I stayed till after sunset, then in company with Snyder, we put for the American Valley. My horse had got quite stiff. I got in the valley, and had to walk and drive him. I arrived about 11:00 in the night. I took some oysters and went to bed. All is well.

Thursday 22 – I did nothing all day. John, Dick and Stinson were digging potatoes. The cow I bought of Lem had a calf on Sunday night last, the 18th.

Friday 23 – The boys digging potatoes. After killing the white sow weighing 174 pounds I paid $.50 for salt to salt with.

P.M. I and John was a-sorting potatoes.

Saturday 24 – John and Stinson hauled a load of hay to Dr. Brewster, then then plowed up all the blue potatoes and finished them. I was sorting all day. We put 32 boxes weighing _____ pounds in the lower hole, and 38 in the middle weight _____ pounds, and 23 in the upper weight pounds. I let Stinson have $10.

Sunday 25 – My horse has been quite lame and stiff from founder or something else. He is getting better. The day has passed off as usual, in sin and iniquity in the town.

Monday 26 – John and Dick were baling hay. I went up to Long Valley to see some cattle with Burkholder. We returned after dark.

Tuesday 27 – We all three were digging potatoes. I paid Blood & Co. $110 on a note, all I owe them, and I don’t expect ever to owe them again. I received $125 worth of groceries, freight on the same was $40. Paid.

Wednesday 28 – We loaded on a ton of baled hay. John and Dick started for the Mountain House. I made a pen to keep the calf in.

Thursday 29 – Carter came home again and was fixing to make kraut. He fixed the wagon bed. I was digging potatoes and a-sorting. John and Dick has not got home yet, 9 o’clock at night.

Friday 30 – I pulled up some cabbage this forenoon. John and Dick got home this A.M. all right. John gave me $55 and paid all expenses. I then gave Harberson $50 for Dan Cate on account. We all pulled up cabbage.

Saturday 31 – John hauled some wood and cabbages and Dick to help him. I and Carter making kraut.

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  1. 13 cents.