James Haun Diary, September 1856

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Monday 1 – I’ve been married 25 years today, and are here in the American Valley at Quincy. The democrats have had a convention and nominated their country candidates. Some are drunk and fighting. Rains fell out with me because I told him he must not take a candle in the barn.

Tuesday 2 – A trial was held against Betts for keeping a gambling house in Quincy. I was one of the 12 jurymen that found a bill against him. I paid Dr. Cate $200.

Wednesday 3 – I’ve done nothing this week. Rains is drunk and don’t come about until late. Betts sued out a habeas corpus and was set at liberty by Judge Ward.

Thursday 4 – I and Lizzy went over to Rocky Bar and took dinner. I paid John Ritchey $500 borrowed money and interest from the 7th of April last. He is still due $10. We came home and some very suspicious persons stayed in town last night but left early this morning.

Friday 5 – I’ve been arrogating some.

P.M. Rains made acknowledgements for his bad conduct. I accepted. My wagon was found last week. I had a pick sharpened.

Saturday 6 – Cold and frosty last night. The potato tops froze again. I paid Haydon $200 on the last payment on the ranch. $200 more still due on the 8th. I, Rains and wife cleaned and finished up the hen house. Ben Firman paid me $21 for ranching last night, so we are even. John came over this evening.

Sunday 7 – Nothing of note occurred during the day.

Monday 8 – I, John and Brookey went over to Rocky Bar and stopped some time up at our old diggins.

Tuesday 9 – I stayed all day and worked in the diggins, took out $92.

Wednesday 10 – Brooky and Kyler went over to the American Valley. Rains and I were watering cabbage and potatoes.

Thursday 11 – I and Rains were at work on the east end of the barn putting up planks on the gable end.

Friday 12 – This is the same today.

Saturday 13 – We finished, and did some work on the west end. The plank still need straightening, &c.

Sunday 14 – It is very unlike any other day. Fiddling, drinking and gambling all goes well here. The black Republicans have had their meeting and nominated their county candidates on Thursday last.

Monday 15 – At work on the west end of the barn. We still keep arrogating.

Tuesday 16 – Our work is the same today.

Wednesday 17 – The same as before —

Thursday 18 – My wife, Lizzie and three other ladies went over to Rocky Bar and came back to Illinois Ranch. They took tea and then came home by moonlight. There was dancing at the courthouse.

Friday 19 – Rains was sick on Wednesday last and did no work that day. I finished this end of the barn. Rains went to Alford’s and got eight pieces of scanting to assist in making doors.

Saturday 20 – Rains went to Alford’s after some 20 foot plank and other stuff — I went to making doors in the P.M. We succeeded in making one pair and I received a letter from H.P by E.T. Hogan on Friday last—all’s well1—and one from Dr. Barlow last night stating that our Negroes were all well and that Nelson’s leg would soon be so that he could walk on it again.2 Letters cost $.25.

Sunday 21 – My wife was somewhat unwell on Friday night last, but is well to all appearances. I wrote a letter to H.P., cost $.25. I paid $.25 for paper. Two trains of immigrants and 350 head of stock passed through on their way down to Sacramento Valley.

P.M. Liz took a walk out without leave to meet Ward. All is not right. Done to run off to marry.

Monday 22 – I followed a train to see Phelps up Spanish Creek. Did not succeed. I and Myers are his securities for $500 in a case to the Supreme Court.

Tuesday 23 – I was all day helping Maston make hinges for the barn doors. Dave came over yesterday to hear Governor Foot make a Fillmore speech and returned this morning.

Wednesday 24 – After many strong entreaties by my wife and I we succeeded in getting Liz to renounce T. Ward and write him a note to that effect.
I was engaged in hanging the barn doors at the west end of the barn.

Thursday 25 – I received $215 in costs paid by me in the with Freer and Vaughn. by an attachment against Freer. I also paid Haydon $100 on the last note for the ranch and made doors for the east end of the barn.

Friday 26 – I and Rains were putting up the doors to the east end of the barn and paid Blood & Co. $95 on account. He is without doubt a hard done. I made a small door in a large one.

Saturday 27 – There has been a theater the past two nights. My wife and Liz went with Haydon. At the close, my wife prevented Bradberry from holding a conversation with Liz. In consequence the Ward family was insulted. Mrs. John Ward said in the store that I should apologize for my wife’s conduct or he, Ward, would shoot me.
John came over this morning. I paid $.75 for hinges and screws and hung the small door.

Sunday 28 – I, John and Rains went up to town but were not molested.
P.M. John started for Nelson shortly afterwards. I received a note from Bradberry, saying that no lady would insult a gentleman at such a place, and that he had concluded to take no notice of the conduct, &c. I showed it to Hogan and Deusler, and they advised me to pay no attention to it. We are in hell on earth. We have done everything we can to prevent her from marrying him.

Monday 29 – I was at work planking the North side of the barn below the sill. Bill worked at watering cabbage.

Tuesday 30 – I finished what I was at the day before and feel very much out of humor on account of our domestic troubles, &c. Dave came over, but is not at all pleasant. I sent for him as I heard he was going below.

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  1. Not included in this collection.
  2. Not included in this collection.