James Haun Diary, September 1857

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Tuesday 1 – The boys are cutting oats, and Carter making wheels. Today, 26 years ago, I was married all right.

Wednesday 2 – Lem, Dick and Sam were at work cutting oats in the A.M., Carter at wagon wheels. John was with the boys.
I am an Inspector of Elections and continued all night to count the votes. All democratic. All the boys are electioneering and are not at work.

Thursday 3 – Lem and Dick finished cocking up oats. Sam watered cabbages, John went over to Rocky Bar after blankets to go out on the plains with Jack, Dave and Lem to get some cattle. Lem and Dick were not at work this P.M. Sam arrogated, Carter finished the wheels at last.

Friday 4 – Lem and Carter not work. John and Dick were hauling in oats and stacking them, Sam arrogating.

Saturday 5 – John and Jack have gone out on the planes to buy cattle. Sam and Dick worked at arrogating. Lem and Carter not at work.
I collected $8 of Byers yesterday. I went up to Meadow Valley with Dave and Duesler to invoice goods for Harvey and settle a lawsuit for H.P. and Jack.

Sunday 6 – The town is in an uproar. There was some quarreling between Potts and Bucklin at night.

Monday 7 – I let Ed Bass have my rifle. He is to pay me $30 if he does not bring it back or injure it. I gave $10 to help the volunteers to fight the Indians on the Humboldt.
Sam has gone to H. Robinson. Lem and Dick are at work hauling and stacking oats. I gave Harvey Jack’s note for $153.40 for 90 days with 3 per cent per month to finish up the lawsuit. Russel’s threshing machine is staked out to thresh wheat tomorrow.

Tuesday 8 – Myers and two men came to help us with oxen and wagon and two horses to work in the machine, and two other men to help. I, Dave, Stinson, Lem, and Dick and the three that came with the machine, and Carter went to fix up a granary in the barn. We threshed and hauled 152 bushels. Brother Jack and John got home this P.M. from Grizzly Valley.

Wednesday 9 – We finished threshing by noon. Myers and team was not to help us. I paid off two men $2.50 each, the band-cutter and straw-raker, and $28.50 to Russell.
Brother Jack started home early this morning. Liz and Miss Dagget went down to Cates’ New England Ranch to stay all night. Liz sent Job Taylor over to Indian Valley after Tro Ward and brought Squire Prebble along with them. She and Ward was married about 4:00 in the morning out in the road, then started for her new home in Indian Valley. She is gone, forever gone.

Thursday 10 – Mr. Jas Edwards came up from Cates’ to let me know what had been done. Just as I expected, my wife took it very hard. She was all day in bed. Lem and Dick worked at hauling in oats. I, John and Dave were finishing the straw stack this afternoon.

Friday 11 – Lem and Dick finished stacking oats. We all got the blues. I sent John to the mill with 20 bushels of wheat.

Saturday 12 – Lem and John at work to covering the stacked oats. Dick not at work. Frost last night, to bite the potato tops. Rains came over from Indian Valley, to go below perhaps.

Sunday 13 – Still frosty last night again. I and Dave went up to the Brickett claims and water ditch. We were all going the rounds. We took dinner with Mrs. Cookes, one of the company’s wife.

Monday 14 – Nights are frosty and mornings are cool.
John and Lem went to Judkins’ mill and got 300 feet plank. Lem closed up the end of Dave’s bedroom. Rains and John went to Alford’s mill and got a load of slabs and some refuse plank at the cost of $3.

Tuesday 15 – Frosty. All hands are idle, not one thing doing.
Redstone was ordered out of our premises by John. My wife gave him a good tongue lashing. He took it.
I don’t feel like work at present.

Wednesday 16 – I’ve got John and Rains watering the potatoes and Lem fixing the root house.

Thursday 17 – John and Dick are to help Ray and Myres to thresh wheat. I and Lem made troughs and boxes to wash wheat in this A.M. We only washed four sacks and put it out to dry.

Friday 18 – John and Rains are watering potatoes, and Lem also.

Saturday 19 – Dick is at work watering potatoes, and Rains is brushing the wheat stubble. I, Lem and John were fixing the fence in the P.M. Lem, John and Dick were making stakes and cutting poles. I cannot work at anything.

Sunday 20 – I am very low spirited. My affairs is in a very bad fix. I know not where to look for relief, but come it must.

Monday 21 – John is at work brushing the wheat stubble. None of the boys at work. Lem and Rains drove Biddy to bull at Ray’s. I was arrogating &c —

Tuesday 22 – I dug two sacks of potatoes. Lem helped me some. John finished brushing the wheat stubble this morning. In the P.M. John and Lem hauled a load hay to Brewster in the old Ward barn. I bought my 6th pair of pants, $6. I paid more for nails and cotton on order at Harburson’s for $20.

Wednesday 23 – Lem and Sam went over to Indian Valley. I gave Sam $4. John and Rains hauled a load of poles and broke a bolster. John hauled a load of hay to Burkholder.

Thursday 24 – I gave a mortgage on my ranch to John Overton for $2,500, payable in nine months with interest at 3 per cent per month. I paid Dr. Cate $288.75 on a a note given in April last and paid $224.75 — 1/4 expenses in the Arkansas Ditch and Mining Company.
John and Dave made a bolster and hauled a load of poles. Lem and Sam got back at 10:00 last night — I also allowed Lovejoy $100 for a grey horse and rigging.

Friday 25 – Nothing doing of consequence. Dick and Carter is working out. Stinson is not at work. Lem helped John to make rails and Rains hauled them in. I paid Willman $100 on account.

Saturday 26 – All hands are idle. I paid Harper $150 on beef on account and paid Hundley $183  in a judgement against Phelps. I and Myers were his securities to the supreme court. I also paid Sam Russell $28.50 for threshing. I collected $9.65 of O’Neal and $8 in road tax.

Sunday 27 – Times are very hard. I gave Sam McCann an order on Dr. Brewster for $20.
The weather is warm and dry.
Yesterday the Ball Hornet beat Cherokee Charley 600 yards for $2,000 aside.

Monday 28 – I sent 193 pounds vegetables to the Arkansas Company and Fred Robinson 150 pounds also. All the boys went to a  quarter race. The horse Immigrant won the race. Ray and Myres were both trying to take their partnership. Ray was the successful one, after dark.

Tuesday 29 – John was hauling a way some sand and gravel near the house. I was arrogating cabbages this forenoon. In the P.M. I settled with Lem.

Wednesday 30 – John is pottering about. I am not doing anything but settling up. Brewster did not pay the order to Sam. I tore it up and paid him $7.50. I paid John Myres $5 on settlement. I paid Lem $47.50 and collected $1.25 for grinding on the grindstone and $2.50 for pasturage.

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