February 1854 – Lizzie Hurst Haun to James Haun

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Lizzie Hurst writes to her uncle and cousin in California on the anniversary of their departure, relating local news including a shooting in the street.


Dear Uncle and Cousin,

I sit down tonight, after Aunty and Dr Hamill have gone to church, to write you a few lines. I have been a little sick all day. I thought I would not go to church, but write to Dear Old Uncle. I wrote you a letter a few weeks ago and have written John one.

Aunt Lizzie has joined the Presbyterian church. We had some shooting done last week between Lawyer Robinson’s son Jimmie and H. Hynes. I suppose John knew Mr Hynes. He was a military student. He was dismissed a few months ago, or rather expelled. The difficulty arose about Ellen Finell Robinson shot2

[torn] but did not kill him
[torn] longer and they have not
[torn] with Robinson yet it is supposed
[torn] and Hynes engaged to be married but

I do not know whether it is true or not. Hynes was taken up to Mrs Finell’s the next morning after he was shot.

Mr Clark is married. He married Miss Eve Stenson of Paris, Kentucky. It is just one year today since you left; it seems to me a very long year. Oh, Uncle, you cannot imagine how bad I want to see you all. I wrote to Dave not long ago.

I haven’t any news of importance to write so I  must come to a close. Church will soon be out. Give my love to John. Aunt says she is going to write after she comes from church. You must write me a letter, for it would do me a  good deal of good to get a letter from you and John. I must bring my short letter to a close. Tell John Frank Rankig sends his love to him. There was one person joined the reform church today by letter. Her name is Mrs Benton a lady of about 85 years old. She was a back member of dry run church I believe and her letter came to town. You must answer this. Goodbye.

I remain your ever affectionate daughter,

Lizzie Haun
or rather Hurst

P.S. I believe I will change my name to Haun. Excuse all mistakes, for I wrote this in a hurry.

Metadata: Sender’s location: Georgetown, KY | Recipient’s location: Nelson Creek, CA
  1. James Haun recorded the receipt of this letter on April 9 1855.
  2. This incident is also discussed in Martha Haun’s letter of February 2 1854, available here.