November 28 1864 – Martha Haun to John J Haun

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John’s cousin Maggie Webb forwards him a copy of a letter from his mother and promises her assistance.

Monday 28

My Dear Son,

Your Aunt Jane sent me a letter she received from you with one from herself they are all well. Your Pa and myself are well but oh! my dear one how anxious we feel for your safety and welfare—you know [illegible?] can you unless placed as we are. I write you this note my darling to tell you to write to your cousin Maggie K Webb, of Louisville Kentucky for anything you need. Be sure to answer her promptly with acknowledgements of her packages. You will get a letter from her soon. She will send you what you are most in need of and do fail not to answer her promptly with acknowledgements of what she sends you. I corresponding with here and she will send you for me what you want. Direct to your cousin Maggie K. Webb of Louisville Kentucky. As I am far from you she will send you any little comforts you may need. Write on receipt of this. I have been hoping every letter would being the glad intelligence of your release.

Farewell my much loved son, your devoted mother,

Mrs Haun

My dear cousin I received today for your from your mother a letter of which the above is a copy–she violated the prison rule of writing on a single page. I feared you might not be allowed to receive it, though but a page in reality. I will send it however. Did you get my letter last week? Write immediately and send a permit to receive what you need. As you are sick perhaps you can get a permit to receive provisions.

Your affectionate cousin,

Maggie K. Webb

Metadata: Sender’s location: Columbus, OH and California | Camp Chase, OH
Notes: “Written by mother and cousin Nov 28 64, received Jan 12 1865”