November 6 1864 – John J Haun to Mollie Burns

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John Haun responds to Mollie’s most recent letter, writing of his fond memories, the tokens he has made for her in prison, and the possibility of release.

Camp Chase, Ohio
Prison No. 3, Barrack No. 7

November 6th 1864
Sunday morning

Dearest Friend,

Your welcome letter reached me last Thursday, but as is usual, the later part of it was torn off and I was not permitted to see the name—but of course I recognized the writing and knew who it was from.

I am glad you received the ring but I think you are mistaken if you think two years is sufficient to erase the memory of the most trivial affairs concerning Mollie. I thought the ring would be full small for you but thought probably you would like it better on that account. I have several little trinkets which I intended for you but cannot well send them in a letter. I hope to see you someday ere long when I can have the pleasure of offering them in person–even if your name had undergone a sudden change in the manner of Miss Laura R., as nothing is improbable in these times (no allusion whatever).

I am truly glad you are in such fine health and sincerely hope it may continue and that you will get to weigh one hundred and sixty before the winter ends. Ruby, it is then that I would like most to see you—but stop—you have forgotten to tell me what that was so wonderful that was going to transpire concerning yourself. Please tell me and do not keep me in so much suspense.

You ask why I do not apply to some of my friends to get me released. Well I have tried every way I could think of. I tried M. Polk several times, but all to no purpose. When adversity overtakes a man friends generally desert him—but if I have any good luck at all I can do without such friends. I have written to my father and think he will do all he can on my behalf. Give my kindest regards to Dora when you write.

Ruby, continue to keep me posted as regards town news the best you can and often. I must close. Don’t forget your promise about the picture. Give my very best love to Chalk, with no divisions,


Metadata: Sender’s location: Camp Chase, OH