September 4 1855 – D.L. Haun and Martha Haun to James Haun

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A joint letter from David Haun and Martha Haun explaining their plans to travel to California.

September 4th 18551

Dear Brother,

I received a letter from Henry exploratory of a check enclosed just two weeks ago. Since that time I have traveled from Iowa to this place. I have been here a week, but expect to go to Bracken where I left my trunk last spring. I shall in all likelihood leave New York for California then in the first ship that leaves in October next, provided sister Patty comes with me, which she says is a fixed fact. I shall be there sooner if she should in any possible manner be prevented from going– a circumstance which I hardly think can occur.

I further think we shall come by way of Panama, as I think it is much the safest way. At the same time I shall have an eye to cheapness. I am hoping very soon to see you. I shall say no more at present.

Your Brother,

D.L. Haun

P.S. My dear husband and son, I will, if life is spared to us all, see you by the last of October. I received your letter on Thursday last written in July asking me to come and stay one or two years. You are doing so well there I had rather go to you than for you to quit to come to me, and I had rather die than try to live without you longer.

I am in fine spirits and feel that I can stand anything but to be separated longer from you. I know I will be the happiest mortal on earth if I live to get there and find you both well. You must both of you meet us in Marysville, for I want you to conduct me over them mountains to your cabin. How happy we will be. Give yourself no trouble to prepare for me for I will be just as happy to meet you in your cabin as I would to meet you in a palace. I know I will enjoy this life. Lizzie is
coming with me. She won’t stay. I will tell you everything when I see you. So look out for us. We will have a nice time together, all of us, Dave, Lizzie, John, you, and myself.

Goodbye! Your devoted

M. Haun

Metadata: Sender’s location: Georgetown, KY | Recipient’s location: Nelson Creek, CA
Note: “grandma and Dave telling of their intended trips to California” Most likely this was written by Birdina Haun, who later donated the family papers to the Plumas County Museum.
  1. James Huan recorded the receipt of this long-awaited letter in his diary on October 25 1855.