Exact Transcription

This version of the collected Haun family papers presents high resolution art alongside a direct transcription of the text. Spelling, grammatical errors and line breaks have been preserved in order to create the most accurate representation of the contents.

The records have been divided into five series, as follows:

Series I (1853 – 1857)

Six diaries and notebooks dating from the Gold Rush period, three diaries and an account book authored by James Haun and two diaries by John Haun.

Series II (1841 – 1860)

The Haun family’s Gold Rush era correspondence, most notably letters between James Haun and his wife Martha, at home in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Series III (1861 – 1867)

John Haun’s correspondence dating from the period of his incarceration as a confederate Prisoner of War (POW) at Camp Chase, Ohio during the Civil War, and the time following his release.

Series IV (1869-1900)

Letters written and received after the marriage of John and Molly Haun and their settlement in Quincy, California.

Series V (1900-1931)

Cards and notes belonging to Molly Burns Haun and her daughter Birdie Haun.

Three additional series (SeriesV Swingle Correspondence, Series VI Swingle diaries and Series VII World War I) remain to be processed and scanned.