April 16 – April 18 1854

April 11 – April 16 1854 April 20 – April 23 1854

John J. Haun, April 16 1854 - April 18 1854

Apr 1854

sunset  hard walking over the road or mountain arrived there about sup
Mo pertime  staid in an old saw mill for a cabbin  nothing else new
17th done nothing all day but look around the bar  the Shasta boys ju
mped our claim Pa & I concluded to leave the bar started after dinner
up the volcano mountain  very hard climbing  got home after dark

Tus the saw mill in full operation at last
18th cloudy pretty much all day  rained all evening  went up the ditch
& staid until sunset  repaired the ditch in several places & got as
much water as the ditch would carry went in the other cabbin after

Wed supper & staid until bed time  nothing else today
19th found it raining in the morning & continued until noon  It cleared
off but commenced again after dinner a while & continued until
morning  I suppose  done no work in the forenoon except fixing so
me shovels  ground sluiced in the evening with a large head of water
very windy after supper nothing else today


April 11 – April 16 1854 April 20 – April 23 1854