December 25 – January 1 1857

December 21 – December 25 1856 January 2 – January 7 1857

James Haun, Book 4, December 25 1856 - January 1 1857

Dec 1856

staid about town all day nothing
new of consequence to day fine sleighing
pretty cold to day there was a party
at Elizabeth town to night & our
folks all went & came home abo
ut 2 oc at night they had a fine
time nothing more to day
nothing of particular interest to
day clear I believe to day staid about
town all day Rains & I hauled some
logs for Duesler to make fire wood out
of nothing more I believe today
rained nearly all day & snowed wh
ether very disagreeable there
was a ball at Toplins to night

Jan 1857

Bill & I looked on a while but we didnt
go for the purpose of dancing. we got
some whiskey & made milch punch
at home & sat up until our folks
came home about 2 oc Moore got
sick & vomited after going to bed
they had a fine time at the ball &c &c
new years day there was part of a brass
band playing in town there was a
sleigh & horses run off in the mean ti
me broke & upset the sleigh Rains &
I started for Nelson Point we stopp
ed awhile at Alfords to see his un
cle Eal Edwards, we went to In
dependance bar to frollick but
did not stay long I danced one set
only we came to foxes & staid all
Bill started on his way
for marysville. I went to Rocky


December 21 – December 25 1856 January 2 – January 7 1857