March 12 – March 18 1853

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1853 March 12th

swells many passenger were
not at breckfast.  I feel out
of sorts kind of squamish,
too sick to eat dinner.  The wind
is from the N. west getting cool.
I had to put on mu vest could
not eat supper.  We are crossing the
gulf of Calafornia.

Sun 13       Quite unwell this morning
the vessel continues to role about
eat nothing all day.

Mo 14         Crosd the gulf of Calafornia
the sea is calmer eat brek
fast but very weak had to put on
my over coat & socks again.  Saw
3 whales & 3 sharkes this morning
& now is less than 2 miles of Ma
rgarito island to east end not

had preaching text Mathew
16.24.5 & 6 Verses—

Mar. 1853

a shrub to be seen onit
eat 3 meals today.

Tu 15           Some clowdy. A head wind

”      ‘             on sight of Land

‘       ‘            Bottle wine                        1.00

We. 16       A strong head wind all day
& night many passengers sea sick
I got quite sick in the evening

Th 17          Ship still rolling I could not
eat breackfast, got warm & ple
asant & smooth sea at 12 am.  At
2 pm.  Snow back off the coa
st on the mountains.  Ankerd
at San Digo to take on 25 ton
coal at 25 00$ weighd anchor at
11 O clock at night & put to sid.

Fr. 18           Sun rise sea smooth passing
an island on our left land in sight.

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