April 1 – April 2 1855

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April 55

Sun 1          raining we had brekfast early
& started to town prepard to got to the
mountains but the yuba river had
rose considerable in the Kt. whitch
took some half hour fo rthe ferry
men to put us a cross in consequen
ce of whitch we were a few minutes
two late for the stage & it a raining
some. so H.P. concluded he could
not go up. he went Back home &
I staid in town. I & Jack walkd
down to feather river to see its hight
The steamer queen city1 came up to
M ville about noon the largest boat yet

Mo 2           clear weather now I & William
Rains eat Breckfast 40 cts each we
then went to the opposition stage
line office & paid for our stage fare
& made ride to the buckeye house
7$ each so off we put eat dinn
at the oregon house 1$ now for a
mule ride to the buckeye whitch
we made before sunset quite far

good & drowsy

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  1. The Queen City was operated by the Citizens’ Steam Navigation Company under the command of G.R. Barclay, and ran regularly between San Francisco and Sacramento (Citizens’ Steam Navigation Company advertisement. Marysville Daily Herald, Volume VI, Number 20, 20 September 1855).