April 11 – April 14 1855

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April 55

We 11         snowd all of Last Kt & still at it
this morning it is 20 inches deep. I
dreamd Mon Kt last I was
in company with my wife &
that she denide me the gratification
that is common with man & wife
P.M. it stopd snowing some & we
all went to mining I John & Rains
got gold 5$ cold & snowing this eve

Th 12          The sun shone out warm &
pleasant we wer piping a way
the hose tore before noon. P.M.
Duesler sewd on a patch. John
let the water on, in a few minutes
they tore again in an other place
John & Rains cleand up gold 69$
Duesler jumpd Lloyds claim &
shaw Lawrance & shutts got no
gold in the new Diggins—

Fr 13           Snowing this morning I &
shults went down to the point

April 55

I got 3 needless 1/2$ & hank turn
to mend hose 1/2$ & a small lot
of Grub from shults after di
nner. I to mending hose & John
& shaw to cleaning up bed rock
got gold 6$

Sat 14         snowing all of last Kt, & rain
ing & snowing all day, I was
ripping a part to make it larger
a pice of hose so that it would
slip over the main hose & do
able, the other 5 men was
rinning a cut in to the
flat just below in front
of our cabins late in the eve
ning shaw pickd up a sm
all pice of gold smooth, in
weight 2 bits,1 snowing verry
hard before sun set & contin
ued up to bed time, it with
a way about as fast as it falls

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  1. Two bits is equal to fifty cents.