April 17 – April 21 1857

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April 57

mill & then up to some
diggins & back home by
noon with saw. p.m. I &
Dave sawd off a log & him
to makeing roler i helpd
maston make two gudgers1
cost 5$ the boys ploughing

Sat 18         the boy ploughing Dave
& i finishing the role & i
was arigating the garden in
several places. p.m. i had the
new lough sharpd cost 1$
Rains went to ill Ranch &
got 1707th barly at 9 cts per
the doz & Dave went to Betsy
town i took wifes Dish pan
had it mended cost 1/4$. I col
lected 10$ of Bell & pd D kates
35 1/2$ interst & gave him my
note for 250$ & took up the
old one of date April 15th 56.
the amt of 300$ cr on it 100$

April 57

i let streshley have a horse
to ride to date at 4$ —

Su 19          the weather is verry
pleasant, nothing new

Mo 20         Lem ploughing I
sewing barly. Rains
harrowing. p.m. I sent
Rains to D. Kates for
100th flour we set
out some cabbage plants
squr stark turnd in
12 cows on grass on

Tu 21           we set out some mo
ore cab plants this mo
rning Rains to harrow
ing before the barly is
sown. Lem went to D
Kates of 300th moore
flour & hrrow but
got none as it was not

at home yesterday

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  1. Part of a hinge.