April 19 – April 23 1855

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Apl 55

Four of us was washing down
the banks & gold gold 78$
Lawrance & co movd up in
front of my cabin to put a
cut in to the Bank quit the
other two for the want of gold

Fr 20            fine weather frosty of morning
we 4 was picking a way all day &
just at night out hose tore 4 or
5 ft & ripd the out side one. we
ceand up & gold gold 38 1/2$ Lawrance
& covs moovd higher up on the flum
after dinder he is discouragd—

Sat 21         frosty kts & warm days the
snow is melting quite fast. I
had to mend the hose again af
ter noon we was picking again
4 of us got gold 34$ Lawrance
& shults is at work in the
ravine near the cabin it
has been workd before

April 55

Su 22          fine morning, shaw gave
me the 1000$ that I had pawnd
to him & others to go my security
in Law suit with Lloyd. I then
weighd out 1000$ to Basses & others
at three per cent a mount for 60 days
I went down to the point & gave them
the dust & got their note in the
P.M. clowded & raind quite a shower
cleard off again after dark my
lesson 7th chapt st Mark

Mo 23         after an early breckfast I
bid them all good bye & down to the
point I went & waited until the
company of 8 was ready, we all sta
rted for union vally whitch we
made by 1 P.M. after a hard strug
gle through the deep snow. got
dinner 1$ each, now for gibson
vill we would often sink in the
snow to the crotch, we arrivd in
good time & I 1/4 have ahead of the for
mast, stopd at mountain cottage

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