April 21 – April 24 1857

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April 57

I was sewing barly af
ter the harrow p.m. we
got a harroe of Ray &
both teams were harrow
I run the water throu
gh the rows to set out
plants & sewd some barly
Timberman mules were
taken away by Rush

We 22         we set out some cab
bage plants, the boys fi
nishd harrowing & that

Th 23          I finishd sewing barly
I sent Rains to Illinois Ra
nch for 240 tts moore bar
ly in all 1915 tts at 9 cts
per tb to finish with the
boys got through harrowing
it in & did some plough
ing for oats &c.

April 57

Fr 24            I set out some cabba
ge plants. & sold Bates 100
tts potatoes to be pd in lim
ber & 330 tts hay at 2 1/4 cts per lb.
& a load of hay to woodward
for 30$ cash of hay to woodward
for 30$ cash & a tn to Bell
on time for 35$ & 1200 tts
to Judkins to be pd in lumber
& 100 tts potatoes 10$
the boys got done before
noon,. p.m. Lem was har
rowing & Rains was hall
ing a way hay.. & brought
back some oats in the cha
ff to sew & a fan to clean
it with.. I bought a mule
of the old darkey for 30$
pd him 23 1/2$ down
the pied cow had a calf
I recvd a letter from HP
of date aprl 16, 571 request

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