April 24 – April 28 1855

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Aprl 55

Tu 24          the now some froze after
breckfast 1$ & lodging 50 cts. I did
not eat supper. we footed for
Rabit creek. I & a young man arri
vd at half past 9- a.m. the rest
fo the company at 10. this place
is improving verry fast. we took
dinner 1$ & mounted our mules
I stopd at the Buckey house the Kt
went on to the columbus. we
met several ladies going to a vall
at the american ouse riding
mules & on a mans saddle with
a big over the house in front

We 25         supper & lodging 1 1/2$ at
4 a.m. I was calld up to take a
mule ride by my self to the ore
gon house, whitch I did at half past
10 A.M. eat Breckfast at the abbit
1$ we started for Marysville at 11o’c
in the opposition cost for mule &
stage ride 5$ through—

April 55

I took dinner at the pararie house
1$ & 13 miles from Marysville. we
arrivd at 3 P.M. I went out to the B
all well Jack gone down to San fran

Th 26          I & the Judge went to town I
was some engagd in hunting up
sutch things as I wishd to purchased
again I went out ot the Judges
paid ferrym 50 cts ——

Fr 27            I went to town staid all day
dinner 50 cts whiskey 75 cts. Jack
came up P.M. we went out to Ranch

Sat 28         Raind last Kt river yuba some
higher clear this morning we went
to town staid all day & I have not
made a purchase as yet ive been
waiting for gum hose, as a mercha
nt said he would have some up as
soon as they could be got often ship,
sinner 50 cts & whiskey 50 cts, I went
out to the Ranch again

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