April 30 – May 4 1858

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April 58

Fr 30           another beautifull morning
Mc is getting Breckfast. it over
we went to ground sloosing till
noon, after we tride to clean up
but the sea ment is so verry hard
we made but little head way at
all events we cleand up the boxes
and got about $4 for a starter


Sat              we went out to diggins, but I
made a riffle, we rest the boxes
& put another in , while fixing
some 3 new miners came to us they
wanted to work hire or dig for them
selves. so i let Wm Deavenport aet
in as a partner, we cleand up at
noon. got gold about 15$ I fixed
up and started for the am Vally. I
wore a pair of Gun slipper so as not
to have to carry another pair Boots, bac
by so doing I blisterd my feet. I arrivd
in good time wife was at the old house
yet but fixing to go to the old house
yet but fixing to go to the tav
ern to eat supper so we soon did
& took up our lodgings there also

May 58

Su 2             all seems going on in the same
way but i am at a loss living
at the Am Hotell as my wife is
proprieress, and our house lockd
up looks rather deserted. I am
made to feel verry sad on account
of poverty. will it never alter in
my time, I’ve moovd often enoughf.

Mo 3            wife is verry buissy to get a
dinner for the public, as the Grand Hury
coming in town. at noon
the bell was rung, quite a number
was to dine e p.m. I handed in my
report as over seer of road
section N. 13 was recvd also my
resignation from that pos t of honor
I collected 12$ moore road tax & lea
ves me minus $18. I settled with
Tom Carter, he wants to call it even.

Tu 4             breckfast over I got ready, shou
lderd a sack full of one thing &
another, a hoe, m rifle & shot poutch
& powder horn & my old hickory cane
& set out a foot for mu diggins

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