April 25 – April 29 1858

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April 58

Su 25           it was daylight when I awoke
after dreaming that old Charles
was altering some Negro Boys 8 or 10
years old as so many pigs,1 intime
we had out breckfast Mc made up
some dough for bred, we then went to
to reservoy & tride t pans of dirt, but
got no coulor, came to cabin Mc is
baking bred, after dinner we went
down to the point staid till next
kt. Baught some beef , Butter & Mo
lasses all cost 7 1/2$ cash then home
Emmonds Brought 4 letters over from
Quincy 2 from Mville, 1
from Geotown Ky & I From wife
she is about to take charge of the
ols American hotel at qincy.

Mo 26         early I & Mc shoulder our
tools & went up to reservoy to pro
spect we set to sluce boxes one
with a riffle in it. turnd in
the water & set to diggin. we
quit early & cleand up & got gold

Tu 27          I came to the conclution to
work at an other place for the

April 58

present until can get hose. we
are a going to try the channel
that Dave left off, I fixed up
3 old sluice boxes that wes near
& set the & had the water running
through them we had to moove
apart of rock pile that was
under a large pitch pine that
had been dug up by the roots

We 28          i dreamd that wife said some
hard things to I said nothing in
return, early I was making a
sloos box out of some old lumber
Mc is out digging or running the
top dirt of Icarried the box out
in commensd snowing we quit
work & went to the cabbin staid
the rest of day. I drew of some
accounts, snowd all day.

Th 29          verry cold this morning ground
coverd with snow. I continued draw
ing off accounts, clowds from the North
we took dinner & went out to groom
d sloosing, I repaired another
old sloos box & put it in below

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  1. ‘Altering’ refers to the gelding of farm animals.