April 28 – May 4 1854

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April 1854

Fr 28           Clowdy & warm with intervals
of sunshine, in the evening com
mends raining we got gold BL 1/2

Sat 29         Raind Last kt & all of to day.
We work hard in the rain & got
gold B . I lond Davis 30$.

Sun 30       Raining & then snowing this mor
ning & raining & sunshine. We
had general cleaning up. John
washd two shirst a piece & so
me other things for him self
& done considerable mending
besides cookd a kittle beans a
kettle of peaches & baked three
loves of bread. After dinner I
went down to the point no letters.
& did not get to see Dobson some
thing out with him. My lesson
the XV chapt of acts. I
dreamd Fr kt that sam & all
his family had run off & that
sam had come back & was so
rry for what he had done.
& now for a clean shirt & then
to bed, as John is done baking.

May 1854

Mo 1           Beautifull Day warm & sunshine
with a pleasant breeze a stiring we
was at our work as usual ground
sloosing, our partner came up in
the after noon to see after his cla
im & said he wishd to have a dev
ide but I would not agree to it, so
he said he would sell out, I agreed
to give him 500$ for his entire inter
est in every thing here 200$
down the 300 in thirty days.

Tu 2             The weather is verry good John
& I after getting up a little late went
out to work, we fixd for wash
ing & got gold by noon 11.$ & did
not clean oer 1 1/2 feet square of the
bed rock. After dinner we was
ground sloosing & wet feet all even.

We 3            The weather good, we were fix
ing the boxes & mending them
in the fore noon & the after we
were washing gold & got 19.$.

Th 4             We was washing for gold & got 11.$
we quit some time before kt & took our

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