April 29 – May 3 1855

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April 55

Su 29          after Brckfast Jack & Derick
came out of town halling a rep
ing McCormacks Machine all
hands except my self, set to work
set it up but late in P.M. they had
not succeeded. I set in & by sun set
it was all understood & fixed &c
kaths females, help left on Thursd
ay last dose her own cooking—

Mo 30         After Breckfast Henry Jack &
I went to town. I went to look up
rubber hose the merchant told me
that they would cost me 1 3/4$ per foot
for 3 inch hose & that he would send
for them if i said so. I said not
I hunted the town found nothing
that would answer but No.1. Duck
Dinner 50 cts. I out to the ranch

Tu 1             Henry & I went to town on arri
ving we found the town in quite
a ster, the young oflks were going
to head quarters to fall in line

May 55

to march out 2 1/2 miles to a may
day party, all went off in good style
dinner 50 cts I put in the day with
out doing mutch buisness. I went
out to the ranch with HP—–

We 2            we went to town as usual I then
set two & bought all the goods
that we designd to get for min
ing purposes in amt 403$ to be
paid by the camp also 29 1/4$ the
whole amt of expences going &
returning besides my private bills
2 pair gum boots 15$ 2 pair Bro gum
& socks 9$. 2 hickry 1 1/4$ 1 pair pants
3 1/2$ & then paid for dinner 50 cts
late in the P.M. I went out to H.P.s

Th 3             the weather quite cool in deed
I had forgotten to mention that
the moon was eclipsd on the
Kt of the first of may Tues last
I went to town in company HP
& family but did not return

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