April 29 – May 3 1859

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April 59

planting potatoes A.M. i pd
1 1/2$ for beef, p.m. we all then
cleand a round the hay press
& put up 3 bales

Sat 30        some clowdy, John & in
man bald hay. i churnd &
painted 3 old Bucketts. P.M.
John halld 2 cords oak wood
to Foulger & they dug some
post holes along the petition
fence of mine & Hendleys
I went to oneils pd 3$ for
4 lb sugar & 1 lb bk tea. i let the
Preacher have 2 lb butter on yest
urday at 1 1/2$ on credit


Su 1            Some clowdy with a lit
tle fine rain preaching as
usual in the courthouse

May 59

Mo 2            raind all kt last & to
day. John halld load wood
for Maston & turnd out the
oxen. i did several small
jobs & shund, i pd 1$ for
mending my big boots & 1 1/2$ fer
beef John pd 3/4$ for dog beef i
let Bulard 2 lb butter on credit

Tu 3             raind some last kt & little
to day John halld a stove to Fou
lgers & had to attend as a Juror. i &
inman cleand the dung out of
stable & pild it up from the No
rth side of barn, we did some
ploughing & laying off in gard
en, the boys set some posts on
our & Hundleys fence, i planted
squash & pea-sead i got 1/2$

for milk & butter

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