April 3 – April 6 1855

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April 55

Tu 3             clear & the ground froze after
breckfast paid my bill 2 1/2$ once
moore on my hard trotting gray mare
off we put for Gibsonville arrivd
at 11 a.m. we had bad travling on
account of the knew fallen snow &
now to onion vally. The snow is from
2 1/2 to 10 ft deep arrivd on foot at 1
P.M. eat dinner 1$ & started for
home moore deep snow to wade thr
ough, we arrived at Nelson point
2 hours by sun, there I met Lloyd
Drunk after some talk with
my friends we went home as we can
not get in the cabin we went and
to the diggins. The boys were about
ready to quit work

We 4           beautifull Morning. after
breckfast John Shaw & Rains
in my place went to work & I
started for the american vally as
the court of sessions was sitting

I arrived in good time having not
several of the vigilence committeee all
acquited of the charge of grand lar
ceny. I eat dinner at Dennings 1$
& spoke to PAt Hunly to attend to my
law buisness late in P.M. I went
to Myres staid all Kt sup. log &
Breckfast 1 1/2$ –

Th 5            fine frosty morning. I started early
for the town of quincy got Hung
to look up my law matters & aft
er having it all put in good shape
eat dinner at Jennings 1$ & saw
Brad stephens who had on Mon
day last stuck a pen knife throu
gh his throat he is getting well
again some what crazy. I then
started for home on foot in com
pany with 4 others arrivd in good time

Fr 6              pleasant morning I went out
to the diggins & workd some time
& then went down to the point
to attend to a trial by Jury of the

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