April 30 – May 4 1856

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April 56

We 30         Snowd last kt & raind all
of day. We did no work on the
floom. Later in the after noon
John & Joe came down to the
Rocky Bar. Staid all kt. Still raining.

May 30

Th 1            Some ice froze this morn
ing, but commensd storm
ing A.M. Snow & rain at in
tervals. Several ladies came
over from the American Vally
to the ball at Foxes. Among
them was wife & Liz. We ba
ught the cook stove from Ed
Bafs at 40$, & took 4 of us to
carry it down to our new cabin.
After supper wall went up to the
point to the Ball. I staid all
kt & slepd with wife what time
I did sleep. I gave Frank Goble
5$ no work done in our diggins
in the last two days on ac
count of rain, not safe to drift.

May 56

Fr 2              Snowd last kt some & snow
ing at intervals to day. We all
moovd in our new cabin to day.
The insid is lind with canvefs, the
buns were finishd to day, bolts
& latchs made of wood were put
on the doors, & the boys are all
gone to bed. I alone am setting
by the stove making this entry.
I was up at the point this p.m.
& helpd wife off for the vally
with the rest of the crowd that
was over at the ball.

Sat 3           Cold & frosty last kt. I
Dave Kyler & Len went up to
the point to help Sherwin
on the floom. We went up to
the mill but no Sherwin. We
went down to his house & fou
nd him a sleep. I got him up
& all went to work the rest
of the day.

Su 4            Cold & frosty last kt. Us four
went to work on the floom for

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