April 4 – April 11 1858

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April 58

Su 4             p.m. inclind to clear up storming but
it is hard to tell when it is done

Mo 5            John Halld 925 tts wheat to Burk
holder at 5 1/2₵ per tts. & Brought
Back some slats to make a poling
fence, I cut and split 1 cord wood
for Newron. late p.m. I & John
stakd & riderd a log fence

Tu 6             I & John were all day taking
out our blue potatoes of ground
& put them in wheat house, Carter
was sawing & pointing palings
till noon, after he started down with
mail. Jack Stinson got home early
this morning.

We 7           John & Truitt took a load of lu
mber to varner on Bager Hill
I & Jack made 20 posts & set
them for paling fence a.m.
after it commensd to rain &
continued till kt, we put on so
me palings, Mcnealy helpd us
I pd 1 1/2$ for coffee & salt & got 6
lb nails on credit, I let Newton

heave 50 tt potatoes

April 58

Th 8            some snow on the ground this
morning; John went to mill
& got some slab scanting & slats
for palings & halld 200 ft scantling
for G. Apple. I & Mc was making
paling fences & late Jack helpd.

Fr 9              John & Truit to halling plank, I, Mc
& carter went up on the ridge at
head of Mill creek to find new
diggins but did not succeed, it was
verry cold up there.

Sat 10         John & Truitt to halling plank
I went up to Curtis Piunt to see
sqr. Rees to get some money he pro
mise to bring it down on tomorrow
Mc was cutting potatoes to plant

Su 11          the weather is warm & pleas
ant. Jodge Sexton came in to
wn yeasterfay to hold circu
it court, late this evening Reese
came down & loaned me 200$
at 5 per cent per month. Hogan
is allso on the note joint party

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