April 4 – April 9 1854

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April 1854

Tu 4             I John & Parish came to my
cabin this evening. Dobson &
Goodshell staid at the point all

We 5           kt. Dobson came up soon this
morning & we weigh out Parish
the 400$. He left for Rich Bat.
Young Goodshall & his father
takes an interest in those diggings.
They came up to my cabin & two
other friends. We all took dinner.
Then six of us shoulderd out packs
for Rich Bar a tramp of 4 miles lea
ving John behind to take ceate of
our house & diggings. My pack was
23 lbs bacon & sack salt. We soon
got down. I bought his bed, four
pair blankets straw bed & sack bottom
all fore 1/2 oz gold & slepd in it with
old Goodshell along side of me. I
would have pre fird my wife.

Th 6            All six went to work. 3 to work in
the diggins & two to moove in a
larger shanty & I to do the potering
about. We got gold to day 92$.

Fr 7              I spread my bed down on the
floor & Dobson to sleep with me.

April 1854

It was quite cool last kt. It is
like sleeping in a saw mill for
there is one along side & the water
roaring under neath the house.
Four hands washing for gold got 62$
I spred my bed again on the floor
but I cant stand the hard boards.

Sat 8           The weather is pleasant enough.
Four hands to washing for gold &
got 61$ & I to making some sloos box
es & new patient riffles. Our electio
n came off to day for a knew set
of country officers & a knew county
taken from Bute & calld Plumas1.
I voted in the after noon & went work.

Sun 9          Raind in the kt last & snowing
this morning. The uoung man we
had hired in the place of John we
paid him 12$ for 3 days work. I
John & Dobson each get 71$. We are
to be paid back again before the
old man & his son gets there sheare.
Dobson & two others went up to the
point on the south side of the river
& I went to my cabin on the north
side. Don’t tell me that slate moun
tain is easy got up from the river.

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  1. An act to form Plumas County from a portion of Butte County was passed March 18, 1854, to take effect April 1 1854. Three commissioners, H.J. Bradley, Wilson S. Dean and John W. Thompson gathered at the American ranch to arrange the details. Fariss and Smith report that an election was held on the second Saturday in April to select the county officers. These included William Ward as judge, Thomas Cox as District Attorney, John Harbison as County Clerk, George Sharpe as Sheriff, Daniel Cate as Treasurer, John Buckbee as Assessor, and Jobe Taylor as Surveyor. No Coroner was chosen. (pg. 159-60).