April 7 – April 11 1856

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April 56

Mo 7            Lem Compton came up to
to work for me, I was a
but town all day did no work.

Tu 8             Bill & Frank ploughing har
rowing & putting up fence & I
and Len up a fence in
part around the gardin. The
sheriff servs a garnishee on
me for all I owd I & F Jennings.
Jennings made me a deed early
the same morning I had it put to record.

We 9            I pd Linton 24$ on last Mo
for 4 days work by him & one
yoke of oxen & I gave Rains
5$ on Monday last also 2$ to
Crop for fixing Elliotts wagon.
We finishd sewind wheat & barly
all the ground that is ploughd
by noon. Lem split stakes Bill
& frank ploughing I raking gard.
The afternoon I recvd a letter from
John H Haun of date Feb 28th 561

25 cts for letters

and one form HP Haun of date
first april 562 — all well

Th 10          Raind a little to day. Lem
split stakes till noon Bill &
Frank ploughing & Lem halld two
loads of stakes. I was in town all
day pd Hosselcuth 75$ for a cook
stove & gave H.I. Bradley 40$ for his
chickens on the A.M. Ranch…
a ball given to kt by Ward price
4$ a ticket dancing in the court house.

Fr 11           Breckfast over I gave direct
ions what to be done on the
Ranch, I gave Isaac Jennings
up his mortgague & pd the cou
nty clerk 1/2$ write the satisfa
ction of the same, & pd Crofs
4$ for black smithing, then I &
Kayler started on foot for the dig
gins my old home, arrivd at no
on after dinner we went out
to the diggins the upper as well
as the lower walkd around till
kt, rain all day, not mutch gold.

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