April 9 – April 14 1854

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April 1854

Sun 9          Snowing & then sun shine & now
raining middle of the after noon.
My lesson is St. Luke XI chapt.
I dent John down to the point & him
Dobson & the other two youn men
have just come to my cabin &
John has brot 2 letters one from
Liz datd Feb 5th 18541 each of th
em, & both giving an account of
jim Robinsons shootinf Hines
& an explanation of that debt that
is coming to Clint West from H.P.
Written by A. Duvall2 You ought
to have seen me setting to kt & me
nding two hickrey3 & two flannell
shirts & darn a pairs socks besides
nailing on soles on my boots, be
fire I went to bed.

Mo 10         Cool last kt. Rainy & cool today.
After John & I brckfasted I started
for Rich bar diggings 4 miles down
feather River & 21 hundred yrds down
slate mountain to follow the path
I stepd it as well as I could. The floom
that brot the water in had fell down
& we fixed our sloos boxes & it was mi
ddle of after noon before we got all

(& your sister Liz joining Presbyterian Church.)

April 1984

right for washing again. Three of
us got gold 7 1/2 dolls.

Tu 11          Rained Last kt. & raining &
snowing all the fore part &
cleard off in the after part of
the day. We work a little in
P. M. & got gold 4$. I made
a knew riffle box & riffles.

We 12         Fine day. We go gold 18$
& fat pork bred & bad coffee to
eat all this week at rich bar dig.

Th 13          Coll kt last but fine day.
We were most all day getting
timber for drifting. We get it
by going up on the side of slate
mountains & cut down trees and
cut off 10 ft tie rope to one end
& drag down. We got gold 2$.

Fr 14           Fine weather. We were setting
up timbers for drifting & cutting
down bed rock to dream the dig
gins. We got no gold to day.

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  1. This is most likely Liz’s undated letter of February 1854, available here.
  2. Not included in this collection.
  3. A durable cotton fabric similar to denim. Typically features a pattern of narrow blue and white vertical stripes.