August 18 – August 22 1854

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August 54

it for I did not want it
I saw Green Mchatton 7 had a
longe chat with him. There was
a stag dance came off seven
men the other hapend to be a
gambling woman kepd up
for some time, old married
men engagd in the sport but
there wives & children in the stage
Dr Vaughn is one of them sort

Sat 19         we got gold 97$. I gave 1$
for whiskey on Fr kt. shaw
John & I went down to the
after super. The china
woman has left the point
but there is many men heare
that would do well to leave allso

Su 20          I read the XI chapt of John
& finishd my 13th letter to
my wife & maild it to 25cts
whiskey 50cts, I got acquainted
WR dickson of the sunny s

13th letter to my wife

August 20 54

he says he went to Havanna
with W.G. & helpd him bui
ld a race track there & has
a wife & four daughters living
in wisconsin he has been
better raisd Ive no doubt than
he now lives he says he will come
& see me soon —

Mo 21          it was clowdy this morning
& raind some A.M. the sun
showe out again from the
middle after noon til sun
set I & shaw got gold 14 1/2$ in
all to day 59 1/2$ —

Tu 22           it raind considerable
last kt & was fogy this mo
rning but clear & pleasant
all day. shaw & i got gold
97 1/2$ & the Johns 20$ we can
pick the nuggits up off the
Bed rock, we are close to the
place where the camp took it out

at 30$ per day

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