August 18 – August 23 1856

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Mo 18          watering potatoes.. some
talk of compromise with
Terwillegar in our law suits

Tu 19           I,, Bray,, Fox & Smith, went
up to the Massack & up the ditch
then to Yateses took dinner
I, Bray & Fox then went to ne
lson point I down to Rocky
Bar & staid all Kt.

We 20         Lem Compton has quit
work. I dave & Tom was
piping down the rest to
cleaning up got gold
80$ Rains came over this a.m.

Th 21          Breckfast over I &Shults
went up to the point Kyler
quit work on yesterday &
shults this morning sick
I & Rains went up to the
old cabins the down to Wi
llow Ranch. Old Lloyd ca
me in he did not take ex

August 56

ceptions to any thing I
said to him.we walkd
a round in the diggins & then
back to the cabins.. saddld
niggar & put for the vally

Fr 22           I & Rains & Smith were wa
tering the potatoes till noon
the water then gave out p.m.
we were at work on the barn

Sat 23         Still watering the potatoes
Bray.. & Foxx came over to settle
with Terwillegar &the Sheriff &
clerk each one of us three had
to pay 218 $ 13 cts apice & besides
our own witnesses, ect, he Terwi
llegar gave a bill of sale of all
his claims up at Massack to
geather with his Law suits &
we to pay him 1200$ in 5 mo
nths. so the difficulties closd
I collected 15$ of John Ward
the Jumping match1 came off
at Betsy town G. Farier got beat

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  1. Likely a horseback race.