August 22 – August 28 1853

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August 1853

Mo 22         I commencd to make sloose
boxes to run the dirt through
to catch the gold, to 1/2 gr letter paper 50

Tu 23 & We 24 We finished one set of
sloose boxes and set them.

Th 25          We commened washing for
gold we got today about 8$

Fr. 26           We got about. Clowdy all Day 30=

Sat 27         We  “ “ Clowdy all Day 12=
I was the ballance of the week
making another set of sloose Boxes.
It thunderd powerfull & the lightning
seemd to blind me as it was right
before me on saturday night & raind
a very small shower. Not enough.
Come through my barkd roof bed.
On thursday night 25 there was a
ball givin by Dr Vaughn & partner,

August 1853

at the mouth of Nel Creek on
a san bar built a temperary
house & dancd all night had about
15 ladies. John went down to
see after supper & got a letter
from wife of date June 27, 18531
giving an account of death of her
brother James Hurst & Mrs Smarr.

Sun 28        One hour by sun rise. John is
getting breckfast while I am
setting in my bunk writing do
wn the past events of the week
with wifes letter before me. John
& I went down before niin & cut mor
grass to fill up my tick, this eve
ning the company has split up in
messes, 3 in on 3 in another I & John
in the last. Supper is quite ready

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  1. Martha Haun’s letter of June 27 1853 has been preserved and is available here.