August 23 – August 25 1855

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August 55

Th 23           john went up to the reservoy & let on some
at noon we stop the water. after noon
it is let out again we have to be ver
y carefull of the water or else we can
not get enoughf to work with late a.m.
hose ripd, it took me the rest ofthe day
to mend up again we got gold 10$

Fr 24           I woke out of sleep this morning some
time beore day, I was too warm threw
off the blankets & though of wife where
shall I look for her, I’ve tride to fix a
day, but cannot make it out. I
fill to sleep again I dreamd of her
being with me & not at all unpleas
ant. I was up at day light. breckfast
was soon over & then to work, There is
moore or less time taken up in fix
ing for owrk, the dirt is hard to
wash, late in the evening our hose
ripd again, the rest of my time was
put in, in mending we got gold 16 1/2$
after supper. I set in the door & look
at the moon & look towards my native
home, & feel low spirited, but again
when I leav the cabins for work ive

caught my self look back to see of wife was not coming up the hill

August 55

Sat 25        the clouds has passd off that
had the appearance of rain the lad
=24 hours= we three = it is hardly worth
while to call us, the once big moun
tain company, but we are at our
posts from day to day, we got gold 21 1/2$
after supper we all went down to the
point, paid Thompson for beef & Grub
29$. I pd him for a new grey sanes
shirt 1 1/2$ & pd Mrs Duesler 1 1/2$ for
washing 4 hickry shirts 25 cts
for a letter from wife of date 2nd
July 551 giving an account of her
then hapy condition, to what it had
been. I must confess that I am tr
uly glad to hear it, but it is fare
from my fix, but I think if I on
ly could lay eyes on her I should
then feel like my self again. I still
hope the time will soon come =&c=
we took down 1 doz emty bottle & got in
exchang one filld with whiskey, not to
drink but to put in our vinegar, keg
I read the letter to John after return
home & he is now playing on the old
fiddle while I am noting this down

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  1. Possibly one of the undated letters.