August 23 – August 27 1856

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August 56

I sold my entire interest in
the A.C. Thompson Ditch & Ma
ssack diggins to Smith
for 675$ all to be paid by 18th
Feb 1857—possession given

Su 24          Lem came over on yester
day & Left to day Smith
started for Massack.. I &
Rains wer watering pota
toes till noon had a mess
of Roasting corn for dinner
I collected 1 $ for ranching
No Nothings nominated their
candidates for county offices
on yesterday evening.. I
wrote a letter to H.P. cost 1/4$

Mo 25         I recvd a letter from H.P.
of date 15 inst. & one from Dr.
Barloe of Geo town Ky givin
g an account of Bet hav
ing been sick & Nelson hav
ing his right leg Broke below
the knee only 5 days previous


August 56

to 12th July & says he is doing
well as could be expected – I &
Rains were watering potatoes

Tu 26          Cold & frosty Last Kt. kill
d some of the potatoes tops
we are still watering., wife
Liz & Rains & a number of
other Ladies & Gents went to
a lake in the montains be
tween the Am & Indian
vally came back just at Dark
Davy the cool came this evening

We 27         cold & frosty last Kt.. Rai
ns some Drunk up all kt. I
went over to Rocky bar staud
all Kt, took out 11 1/4 oz among
the drifts.

Th 28          cold & frosty again soon after
breckfast I & Dave we
nt up to the point & weighd
out 450 3/4$ I got 200$ & off
I out for home & pd Haden
that sum for a note that
was due on the ranch, I
& Rains made a long ladder

Mrs Ray died on the drifts
this morning

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