August 28 – September 3 1856

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August 56

I pd Thompson 1/2$ for my
horse to hay all kt & owe
1/2$ moore , some gamblers
have been arrestd & will be tried
on Tuesday next, wife, & liz has
gone to sit up with the corpse
of Mrs. Ray

Fr 29            Mrs. Ray was buried this
P.M. we are at work on the
barn a little & origating

Sat 30         mutch excitement pre
vails in town respecting
the gamblers , at work a li
ttle on the barn

Su 31          I & Rains startd for the
point at day brake took our
guns, went the mountain
road to see if we could not find
a deer to shot at but none
to be seen, I went down to
Rocky Bar P.m. at the poi
nt got a letter H.P. stating he
sent 1000$ by Morly & Cawkins

Letter from H.P.

express frieght on the
same 7 1/2$. Rains in a feep
with Len Reene at the poi
nt. we went home to vally

Mo 1            I’ve been married 25 years
today & are here in the A.M.
vally at quincy,, the demo
crats have had a convention
& nominated their country ca
ndidates,, some drunk& fig
thing. Rains fell out with me
because I told him he must
not take a candle in the barn

Tu 2             A trial was held against Betts
for keeping a gambling house
in quincy, I being one of the 12 Ju
rymen that found a bill against
him, I pd Dr. Cate 200$.

We 3            I’ve done nothing this week
Rains is drunk & don’t come
about me, late Betts sued
out a habus corpus & was
set at liberty by Judge Ward

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