August 29 – September 3 1857

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August 57

Sat 29         Lem Dick sam
John & Jack were raki
ng & cocking oats Car
ter at work on his saddle
I arigating potatoes

Su 30          I arigating cabbage
some this a.m. p.m.
talking politicks I got
1 1/2$ from Bated times are
hard & money scarce

Mo 31         the weather has
a fall appearance hazy
& windy Dick cutting
oats, sam raking & co
cking, carter at work
on wagon wheels
John went to Judkins &
got 2 hind tyre bands. I
am arigating cabbage
Bro Jack came to our house
Lem not at work.

Sept 57

Tu 1             boys cutting oats carter
making wheels. today 26
years I was married all right

We 2           Lem Dick & sam cutting
oats A.M. Carter at wagon
wheels John with the boys
I am Inspecter of Election
& continued all kt to count
the voted. all Democratick —
all the boys put in the Elect
ionering & not at work

Th 3             Lem & Dick finishd cocking
up oats. sam watering cab
biges, John went over to R
ocky Bar after Blanketts to
go out on the plains with
Jack. Dave & em to get some
cattle. lem & Dick not at
work this p.m. sam ari
gating carter finishd the
wheels at Last

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