August 30 – September 2 1855

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August 55

Th 30          & thinking why am i not ready to
start home, may it is not my pleas
ure, well be it so. we was piping
down till noon. we concluded to cle
an up the boxes & got gold 11$, & then
put our boxes on poles above when
they were to clean up the cut & ma
ke it deeper to get moore fall, we
have got it near half done, we did
not clean up the boxes to kt as we
will have to do it at noon to morrrow

Fr 31            it was quite cool this morning
the fire felt verry comfortable, we
was cleaning up the cut or rather wh
ere weve been at owrk for the last two
weeks, it look us all day, we got gold
29 1/2$ & now to day closes the last
summer day in 55# & could I have
look foward 24 years ago up to this
time & saw my self setting down
to a center table of my own make &
making some of my thoughts ledga
ble. while John is musing him
self playing on the old fiddle & Rositer

with us &c —

Sept 55

Sat 1           this is one of those delightfull
days that is so common in this country
& espetially in the Day season of the year
our work was anything but pleasant
this A.M., carring some lage boxes
& setting them up to wash dirt through
we got gold 22 1/2$ after supper. I & Rositer
went down to the point. we were till
12 at kt getting Back 7 24 years ago
I was married to one of the best wom
en that Ive known & me to kt, a
climbing over this Feather River
mountains by the light of the moon
for she is at least 1 1/2 hours since rose
I still live think moove & feel yes
and hope My dear wife we will
not pass another 12 months untill
we shall be happy in each others
embraces again may God speed
the time, for our runion again —

Su 2             rather late getting getting up
after keeping late hours, Breckfa
st over. I read the 12.13.18th chapts
of Revelations & now for the wa
nt of better employment I hun
ted up som cotton [illegible] to

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