August 4 – August 12 1858

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August 58

I am now takings easy as
to work, but never so hard up
in business matters suffice to
say I am willing to turn my
attention to most any thing
for relief for bankruptcy is
staring me in the, sometimes
neat the close of August. those
that were calld Douglass pop
ular sovreighnty Democrats
held a meeting in whitch I was
nominated coroner had to
mak a small apeech on the
ocation, in a few days I want
to humbug vally staid one
kt then down to Rich bar nor
th Fork Feather river one kt
there & the next day home, at
all events the election came
off first week in spt & I was
beaten as I expected by Dr.
Cate over 200 votes, about the
close of Sept I went down to

Marys ville to see if I could
borrow some money but I ma
de verry little exertion to get it.
I done this for the purpose of
getting some relief & out of the
way of dunning creditors. H.P.
was down to Frisco on account
of bad health & his son allso
they all came up the close of
the first week in oct. staid all
kt at Jacks Henry said I gave
it the bye. so I did not ask
him to help me raise any mo
ney. neither did I go to see him
and on the 10th Oct I started for
home for the Am vally
arrivd the evening of the 11th
sundy at that —

Mon 12       our circuit court com
mends, we had 2 cases in
court we for Judgement in 1

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