August 4 – August 9 1857

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August 57

Tu 4             Lem, John & Dick cut vou
nd & shockd1 some wheat
sam watering vegtables, I
& carter got 307 ft plank Alfords
mill & some slab scanting
p.m. carter at work at one
of the wheels of wagon at one
of the wheels of wagon
I on yesterday spent 3/4$ whisk
& got 3$ for peas – I pd 10$
for lime. Jack stinsonn is come
to do some plastering & brot
12 tbs hair2 at 15 cts per tb. & had
2 tyre bands cut & set 4$

We 5           John & carter went to Alfords
mill & got 719 ft in plank. I
Richards & Stinson fixing &
making mortar to plaster
sam arigatins. Lem & bill
not at work. p.m. Crter ta
king down petition & fixing cup


Th 6             carter still on the cupboards
sam & Dick arigatins & I

August 57

John & lem & Bill gone to hun t
the the Black horse this p.m. I
sold $2.80 cts beans & corn 32 ttbs pd.

Fr 7              Carter making a fram for
wood house & pantry in the
place of the one that is two
small. I, Sam & Dick water
ing cabbages, I pd 2$ for 4
pair brass hinges for cupboard I pd
Lem 15$ to redeem Rains pist

Sat 8           Sam & Dick watering
cabbages. the rest of us
moovd away the old pan
try house in the yard
I & Carter has put up the
new frame. Lem John &
Rains gome a fishing p.m.

Su 9             I collected 11 1/2$ from Dean
on order & 8$ from Elliot & gave
Lem 14$ & 3$ for John. I gave

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  1. Shocking refers to a process for harvesting wheat.
  2. Horse hair was used as a binder in lime plaster