August 5 – August 7 1855

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August 55

shaw. but he said he would not
leave until Wednesday morning
besides he did not want to pay me
25$ for discounting before it was do
John was in the express & got two
letters from his ma, the first one
written to him of date June 19th1
three sheets full & a piece of poetry
to me & giving an account of
moores2 treatment to her & Lizzie
& man other things two tedious
to mention & the letter written
to me of date June 23rd 553 doller
some lines of poetry verry appr
opriate in deed. she giving an
account of the death alex keene
& Mrs T. White & Mrs Grant & the
Braking of some o fmy acquain
tainces & her not being not so low
spirited as she was when she
wrote Johns letter but winds up
by saying that she dose not want
to come to cala. I gave 1$ for a brush

to brush down the gold in the boxes } &50 cts for two Letters

August 55

Mo 6           we been a little lazy of late
in getting up the sun is generally
up before we get up. breckfast is soo
got & then to work. we cut down two
small trees moovd the logs out of the
way. we washd dow one of he sumps
P.M. I did some mending on the hose
John cleand some bed rock got gold 9$

Tu 7             we was at work as usual & built
a log heap & then fixd for mining
John went to let the water on the
pipe & saw it was muddy he then
went up to the reservoy & found tw
men at work near it he told them not
to muddy the water P.M. I went
up there & told them that they was at
work on my ground & it was no
use for hem to prospect it. I had
a notice on it two days previous
they quit work for the present i
told them that shaw knew we hit
the ground for moore than a year
shaw told them so. I pd shaw
530$ for the note he held against as

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  1. Not included in this collection.
  2. James’ brother-in-law, the husband of Martha’s sister Elizabeth.
  3. This letter has been preserved and is available here.