August 7 – August 12 1854

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August 1854

Mo 7            shaw Lloyd & i took down to the
point 3 axes & hatchett & ground
them shaw & I came back to din
ner & Lloyd staid all day. P.M. we
went out to make a reservoy
to katch water the over kt as it
is getting too scearce to work to
an advantage John & cook
got gold 5 1/2$ & pd cross 5$ sharp

Tu 8             all four of us was at work on
the reservoy, Lloyd came home last
kt but went back soon this morn
ing late at kt & not home yet

We 9           all four making the reservoy
Lloyd not at home yet —

Th 10          we went to mining but the
water soon faild shaw & I
went up the ditch & cleand it
out considerable but the water
has faild us. Lloyd got home
before dinner not pleasant with
him self. John & cook got gold
7 1/2$

August 54

Fr 11           all five of us went to work
on the Reservoy throwing on
moore dirt. Lloyd to malling it
to gather, we built it a log higher
we concluded it was done at quit
ing time, after a hard days work
I washd three shirts for my self

Sat 12         all 5 went to mining & got
gold 49$ shaw & I went down
to the point after supper. I got
a letter from wife of date
June 24th 541 giving an account
of Thomas at well & Matilda
Stevenson getting Married
thornton & May Smarr run
ning off & got married & old
Brother Smith, wants me to
write how mutch gold Ive got
that he may tell me when to
come home &c I paid 3$ for
pole tax & one $ for the letter
I am now & have been for
some time taking a cold both
at day light

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