August 9 – August 21 1853

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Tu 9             in the afternon we took up
another warter claim.

We 10 Th 11 Fr 12 Sat 13  We blocked
off work at noon.  John had to
wash 2 shirts each after a fashion.

Su 14          5 of us shoulderd our guns to
hunt the head of the branch that
we took up to see if we could turn
it in the other branch that we
are at work on.

Mo 15         We are still at work on the
ditch & are getting along well.

Tu 16 Dug a rattle snake out of the ditch.
John recvd a letter from you
on sunday 14 of date June 9th.1

We 17         The weather is beautifull all sun
shine.  A breeze springs up evry
day to keep it pleasant.

August 1853

Th 18 The snow continues on the
mountains.  We are campd in
2 or 3 miles.  I see it every day
I look that way.

Fr. 19          Eat pork & beans in consequence
of whitch dreamed that I was in
George town at Gen.  Pratss & alarge
collection of people seemed to be passing
about all through the house & you
my wife seemed to pay but very
little notice of me.

Sat 20         We finished digging our ditch
& et the water in, had supper
tea bacon & bread.  Six of the
company went to the point & got
drunk & got back after midnight.

Sun 21        All hands at camp sitting aro
und a water mellon that cost
5$.  Ive had as good for 25 cts.

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  1. Martha’s letter of June 9 1853 has been preserved and is available here.